Monday, May 19, 2008

Visit from a princess!

We had a girl over in our house for a change! Makenze was over at our house for a few hours while Shane and Andrea were in Cali to Disneyland and Mom had a meeting to go to. We really enjoyed having her. It is so funny to watch the differences between a girl and a boy. My favorite though is when she falls, and it happens a lot, clumsy girl! Her hair is so long and it just flies through the air in front of her face. Then she uses her hands and brushes it back like a little dainty adorable. And she was cracking herself up making herself dizzy and falling down! Here's some pictures/highlights from her visit!

Time out for juice!

Playing in the living room!

Oh-oh...the "Mine!" Monster is coming out! Ha ha

Makenze learned how to use our kitchen stool!

Watching Curious George


JDwags said...

What a beautiful Niece and Nephew I have. I am so homesick for all you wonderful people in Vegas!! Oh and Holly be proud the beans were almost spilled but I am keeping our PS I Love You Secret. I love our girlie code :>

Andrea... said...

Holly, Justin, and Carter! Thank you foor watching and hanging out with our crazy hairy girl! HAHA! We love you all very much and we know Makenze loves being with you guys too!! Thanks again!!!