Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our funny little man

Helping make brownies...his favorite part is licking the spatula of course!
Fell asleep on the couch after church

Doing his hair all by himself

I've been meaning to do this post forever and I'm finally going to do it. Carter is just hilarious lately and makes me laugh with his sweet logic and funny little quips every day. Here are a few I've written down recently:

CARTER: Mommy, will you sing the peacock song?
ME: I don't know that song...
CARTER: Me know that song. It's about peacocks, sheep and cookies.
ME: Hmmm... (I start making up a song about those things)
CARTER: (interrupting) No, no, it goes, "Peacock, peacock, baker's man." Like that!
ME: Oh, it goes "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man."
CARTER: No, mom, peacock, peacock
Well, he got the sheep from "Mark it with a C" (Mark it with a sheep) And the cookies from the cake, and he wouldn't let me say it the right way.

During a commercial on the radio, Carter was dancing/marching. Here's our dialog:
ME: Carter, do you need to go potty?
ME: Why are you dancing around like that then?
CARTER: Because me miss the music!

When Dora the Explorer came on one morning, Carter yelled, "Me love Dora! She's the best!"

CARTER: Are you cold, mommy?
ME: A little bit.
CARTER: Me cold big!

ME: Carter, you need to hold my hand in the street.
CARTER: No, big boys can walk ALL by mySELF!

At my grandma's house, she has more oval shaped toilets, which are more challenging for Carter to climb on and off by himself since they are long. I heard him yelling from the other room and came in to hear him saying, "Ayudame! Ayudeme!" (This is what the animals say in Diego when yelling for help in Spanish). He uses this phrase all the time when he needs help. He also uses "Abre" for when he needs me to open the front door.

Lastly, for now, on Sunday, we informed Carter that we would be some of the teachers in his nursery class (we got called as the nursery leaders). So, all morning he was calling me "Teacher" instead of mommy. This was our conversation walking into church:
CARTER: Mommy, you're one of my teachers now?
ME: Yes
ME: Because they asked us to be teachers for your class
CARTER: Well, where's my mommy?!
ME: I'm still your mommy, I'm just your teacher now too!
CARTER: Oh. (very calmly)


We spent Easter weekend at my grandmother's house in California and had a great time! Carter was so enthusiastic about the eggs this year, it was awesome. We all had brought so many eggs, we had to hunt down 52 colored eggs and 16 white eggs!!! Good thing Carter was a trooper. My mom hid all the eggs and I'm pretty sure she thoroughly enjoys seeing us all NOT able to find them. She would go look and tell us something like, "There's two colored eggs in these bushes." Oh yes, even when my largely pregnant self was on my hands and knees looking through my grandma's bushes, she didn't tell me I was in the wrong bushes. Gotta love my mom's enthusiasm for holidays!

Carter was hilarious...slashing through bushes to find the eggs...he was a good little finder!

Isn't my husband hot? I think so...

Robert dying eggs

Carter very excited about his Wolverine in his easter basket

Justin and I finding our Easter basket

A wonderful man...

On April 6, I got word from my mom that my grandpa had passed away. He's been battling with his health, well, as long as I can remember there's been issues, but it's been severe the last 5 years after a couple strokes. I have so many wonderful memories of my grandpa. He was a joker and I loved living with my grandparents when I was younger. He will be greatly missed, especially by my sweet grandmother, who devoted her life to caring for him. But I do believe the place we go after this world is a happier, more peaceful place to be and that makes me feel better thinking of my grandpa and Justin's dad. It helps me to know they are happy and we will be reunited one day. I don't know how people go through death without the knowledge the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us. How wonderful that day will be when we can once again embrace our loved ones that went on before us! Here are some photos from the funeral service:

My grandmother with their 4 daughters: Debbie, Pam, Joan and Karen
Carter taking walks with his Grandpa

Our family at the gravesite

Nicole and Hayden

Horses and funnel cakes

We also went to a fun Spring Festival held free by the city. Justin kept saying he didn't want to go, but he broke down and went and we all had a good time. Especially Carter getting a free pony ride and feeding the horses. Justin and I's favorite part was the funnel cake with strawberries on top...aren't those just the best!

So much to say, so little time...

My oh my, I really am not doing well at keeping up on my blog lately. The past few weeks I've been realizing how little time I have left before our little Kelsie arrives and boy am I feeling stressed. It's hard enough to find the time to keep a clean house, continue unpacking and organizing our house, run errands, go to playgroups, etc...and then on top of it I'm of course trying to get the nursery ready. Let me tell you folks, the nursery didn't get touched for weeks!!! I swear I had Carter's nursery done a month ago or more...Making her bedding has definitely been the most time consuming and then I realized, I better sew her blessing dress now, because I doubt I'll have the time/energy to sew it right after she's born...ha ha. So much to sew...anyway, to try and get caught up, thought I'd post some of the fun stuff that's been occupying our time lately:

Here is Justin and I on our anniversary date...we went to a late showing (Justin got stuck at work) of "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage. Scarier/weirder than I was expecting, but pretty good. PS: We grabbed Sonic for a VERY fast meal before the movie started and Justin scarfed his down in 5 seconds while I was stuck being the big pregnant lady who snuck fast food in my lame! Ha ha
Here is my brother, Robert, with his awards he received for scouting the other night. He's only 12 and is almost an Eagle Scout...go Robert!
In preparation, the Wednesday before Easter, we had a fun playdate at our house all inclusive with an Easter craft (decorating foam eggs), an egg hunt, and relay races with prizes (everyone got a prize) was lots of fun...thanks everyone who came!

Carter was begging to sit on the Easter bunny's lap at the mall. I only did it since it was he loves sitting on these characters laps. The thing freaked me out, but hey, Carter loved it. His new thing now is he wants to go to Disneyland to sit with Woody and Buzzlightyear...thank you Disneyland commercials!