Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So much to say, so little time...

My oh my, I really am not doing well at keeping up on my blog lately. The past few weeks I've been realizing how little time I have left before our little Kelsie arrives and boy am I feeling stressed. It's hard enough to find the time to keep a clean house, continue unpacking and organizing our house, run errands, go to playgroups, etc...and then on top of it I'm of course trying to get the nursery ready. Let me tell you folks, the nursery didn't get touched for weeks!!! I swear I had Carter's nursery done a month ago or more...Making her bedding has definitely been the most time consuming and then I realized, I better sew her blessing dress now, because I doubt I'll have the time/energy to sew it right after she's born...ha ha. So much to sew...anyway, to try and get caught up, thought I'd post some of the fun stuff that's been occupying our time lately:

Here is Justin and I on our anniversary date...we went to a late showing (Justin got stuck at work) of "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage. Scarier/weirder than I was expecting, but pretty good. PS: We grabbed Sonic for a VERY fast meal before the movie started and Justin scarfed his down in 5 seconds while I was stuck being the big pregnant lady who snuck fast food in my lame! Ha ha
Here is my brother, Robert, with his awards he received for scouting the other night. He's only 12 and is almost an Eagle Scout...go Robert!
In preparation, the Wednesday before Easter, we had a fun playdate at our house all inclusive with an Easter craft (decorating foam eggs), an egg hunt, and relay races with prizes (everyone got a prize) was lots of fun...thanks everyone who came!

Carter was begging to sit on the Easter bunny's lap at the mall. I only did it since it was he loves sitting on these characters laps. The thing freaked me out, but hey, Carter loved it. His new thing now is he wants to go to Disneyland to sit with Woody and Buzzlightyear...thank you Disneyland commercials!


ABC Graf said...

I love sneaking food into movies. It's the best to see how sly you can be!

Jason and Danielle said...

I love that picture of Carter and to think how weird he is the only one who wanted to sit with the scary bunny :>