Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going's On

So, I feel like a total slacker at my blog lately, but, really, I just don't have time anymore...ever! Between my Young Women's calling, kids, gardening and sewing, my day is SPENT! Good, but sad at times, since I love my blog! So, here's what's been going on in the Wagasky house:

Visiting with family from out of town. My Grandmother and Aunt came out from California and so did my other Grandma not pictured here. They came out for the week my brother got his Eagle Scout award! How cool is that? He's only 13!!! Way to go, Robert!

Also during their visit was my Mom's birthday! I love LOVE that woman! And man do I admire her. Everyone is amazed at what a wonderful Mom and Grandma she is...everyone loves her!
We've had playdates with friends, this picture in particular is at the Valentine's playdate we had at our house! Carter had a blast handing out Valentine's to all his buddies!
Now THIS has been what's taking up the majority of our free time. We've been working on our backyard every chance we get! I've finally started my garden and I'm so excited! So far, we have, Broccoli, carrots, spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, cucumbers, grapes, watermelon, and a peach and lemon tree! Isn't that exciting! But, boy it's a lot of work! Justin is so wonderful making sure the backyard is a little oasis for me and the kids to play =) These were all our helpers when we were filling our garden with good dirt instead of the crap, cement dirt that used to be there =)
Dyeing my hair! Danielle and I stayed up until 3am one evening guinea pigging on each other's hair, but both of hairs came out way cute! Hopefully it doesn't take us so long next time and we keep better track of how long my dye stays in. (I won't tell you how long we accidentally kept it in). Good think I have super strong thick hair or it would've been gone! Ha ha.
I also cute my own hair using this tutorial video from you tube:

Carter also started playing soccer at the Rec Center a few weeks ago and loves it! He's really good at it too, he never uses his hands and works hard to get that ball in the goal!
We've also, unfortunately, been taking care of some boo-boos! Kelsie got her first one about 2 weeks ago. Since we're always in the backyard, I brought just her inside to start making dinner and Carter followed us in to check on what we were up to. When he went back out with Justin, the security door didn't latch all the way shut, so when Kelsie went to look at what her brother was doing, she stood against the door and fell on her poor little face on the concrete! I felt SO bad, as I had thought I should check that door, but didn't act fast enough. Poor baby girl!
This little guy is such a goober, seriously. He makes us laugh all the time. This is his favorite joke to play on us =)
I have been getting my butt kicked by this game on the Wii. My arms and abs and everything are looking better! Yay!

We've had the chance to go on a few dates, this our most recent with Jordan and Taryn in from California. (Justin served his mission with Jordan.)
So there ya go! That's us lately...I'll try to post some more stuff after Easter!