Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Start your Engines!

Yesterday Kelsie hit another little milestone! She figured how to get on her hands and knees. I tried to capture it on camera, but the top right is the closest I got. She's been doing it all day today, though, so I'll have to try and catch a better picture tomorrow. She hasn't quite figured out how it will help her mobilize more, but she uses it to inch forward a tiny bit. The bottom right picture is something she loves to do, purse her lips and make a spitting noise. This girl just brightens our day! I can't remember if I said this in the last post or not, but her first tooth broke through Halloween weekend too and another one is about to come in right next to it on the bottom!

Circus Circus

We've been quite enjoying Carter's rewards for his chart because it gives us an excuse to all go do something fun as a family! Last weekend, Carter had earned enough points to go see the free circus acts at Circus, Circus. I remember going to do this as a child and so did Justin so we were kinda excited to go again. Well, things are not always as awesome as you remember them as a child, but Carter thought it was pretty cool! Kelsie liked all the flashing lights in the casino and Justin and I just enjoyed seeing our kids having fun! Here's some pictures of our outing:

Getting loves from daddy in the car after being fed =)

Family picture in the car!

Kelsie and I watching the performers

Watching the guys on the trapeze

Carter and Daddy after winning some cars in the arcade!
Also this last week, my best friend from high school, Whitney was in town for her baby shower! I was so happy to see her a few times while she was here and go to the shower to celebrate her having a sweet baby girl! They are going to name her IndieAnna (did I do that right, Whit?) and call her Indie. We can't wait to see her (even though we won't get to see her right away with them living in Utah).

My mom and Kelsie at the shower.

Me and Crew, Whit's little stud muffin!

Whitney and Crew

Love you Whit! Looking forward to seeing you guys next week too!

Preschool is so much fun!

So, as I've mentioned before, I do preschool at home with Carter and he loves it! I don't always remember to take pictures of stuff we do, but I remember this last week because we did a fun activity Carter just thought was great!This is Carter cheesing it up in our preschool corner! It's a little messy sometimes, but I'm slowly perfecting this corner for all things preschool!

We were learning about bugs last week, so we made a little caterpillar out of 3 sections of an egg carton. Painted it, put antennae on and googly eyes (Carter chose 3 eyes because he's 3 years old).

Then we put it in a paper sack and hung it in the window for the cacoon.A few days later, to his surprise, his caterpillar emerged as a beautiful butterfly! (He unknowingly painted the wings the day after we hung him in the window. Then, while Carter was sleeping, I taped them on the caterpillar)

His favorite "bug" book of the week was "Buzz Bumble to the Rescue" by Lynn E. Hazen

His favorite bug song was a song I found on the internet sung to "Frere Jaques":

Big bugs, small bugs
Big bugs, small bugs
See them crawl, up the wall
Creepy creepy crawling
Never ever falling
Bugs bugs bugs, bugs bugs bugs

I found it on this site which is where I usually find my preschool songs of the week, such great ideas. I then just make some felt creations for our felt board to go along with whatever song I pick.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girly Giggles...

I had to do a post about Kelsie too, ya know! This girl is just the sweetest! She gives out lots of bashful smiles and loves her mommy and daddy. But most of all I think her brother is her favorite! She just loves watching him and laughs at him more than anything else. I just love seeing the admiration in her eyes as she watches her big brother move around all over the house!She's still a Daddy's girl, but has definitely learned she needs Mommy when she's hungry. I know when she's hungry because she'll get super excited to see me and cry if I walk away. And it can get embarrassing with her tugging on my shirt if she's hungry too. Silly babies! But hey, she's a smart girl and knows exactly where her calories come from!

We always refer to her as our wiggle worm because man, you cannot keep this girl sitting still for long! She loves to move herself all around on the floor, mostly by rolling right now. But she's done an army crawl forward a few times and managed to get herself on all fours yesterday morning for a second, so she's getting close to crawling! She always arches her back and wiggles down when you sit her on your lap. Crazy girl! But we love her wiggly ways!

Another thing she loves is touching faces. She loves reaching out and patting our cheeks, or sometimes grabs fistfuls of our face, which hurts pretty bad. especially if it's been a few days since I trimmed her nails! But it's so cute, we can't get mad at her =) I do have quite a few scratch marks on my face from her, though. Most of the time, she'll just sit with her hand resting on our cheek, though, and it just melts our heart!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

You are my Son Shine

This little man is so hilarious and sweet! He is getting so big and it makes me so sad sometimes because he tells me, "Okay, stop it now, Mommy!" when I try to hug him too much or something. Ahhh...he can't be too old for that mushy stuff yet!

He loves showing off his "moves" and jumping off and/or climbing on EVERYTHING he possibly can! He now likes to pick out his own clothes and after I got him a plain blue striped shirt from the closet the other day, he said, "No, I wanna wear a COOL one!"

He loves playing outside, and especially loves the swings and playing with the hose whenever possible! A true boy thinking any and all bodily functions are hilarious and saying gross body parts. Recently, he thinks it is SOOOO funny to say the word, "Butt" so I have to remind him it's rude to say it over and over. He likes to make jokes, like, "Mommy, I need some peanut-Butt." And then he'll start laughing and say, "I crack myself up!"

He also thinks it's hilarious to be naked and especially to climb his naked self on someone or sit his butt on pillows. (Thanks a lot, Danielle for encouraging this behavior! Ha ha). Oh the other day in our bathroom I walk in and I hear giggling. It took me a minute to find out where it was coming from, but alas, when I opened the cupboard, I find a naked child hiding!

He is a sweet boy and I am thankful he is part of our family. He just loves night time for stories and singing songs and asked Justin to sing, "Put your elbow on the whale." the other night. I love talking with a's the funniest, sweetest parts of my day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October...craziest month ever!

It is true, and I'm not even going to try and catch up in detail, or I'll never do it and fall farther and farther behind! So, here's it in a nutshell!

We went to the corn maze in Logandale, which was completely lame, by the way! But we had fun at our little picnic with Shane, Andrea, Makenze & Eastenn. As the boys put it, next time, let's have a picnic in Vegas =)

We found a fat, what we thought was a caterpillar, in our driveway, which Carter was very excited about and still is talking about =)

Carter forgot how to dress himself...hmmm...

Our cute nephew, Keagan, turned 5 with an awesome pirate party...we made it home with some booty! (I just really like saying that because I think it's funny)

We went to the Pumpkin and Squash Festival at The Farm. Not insanely thrilling, but all the kiddos liked it! Carter requested to visit again for the reward on his chart, so we actually visited again on actual Halloween!

Our other nephew, Hayden, turned the big eight! We still have yet to attend his official party this weekend =)
We got gussied up all cute for Trunk-or-treat and had an awesome Halloween with family. Thanks, Danielle for planning a fun party on actual Halloween!
Justin is dressed up as Kevin Levin, just so you know ;) He's Ben 10's buddy (who is Carter's costume)

I was a cat...again, since I scared the crap out of Carter dressed like a zombie. And our pretty princess was dressed as a cute ballerina thanks to a tutu Whitney made her! Thanks, Whit!