Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girly Giggles...

I had to do a post about Kelsie too, ya know! This girl is just the sweetest! She gives out lots of bashful smiles and loves her mommy and daddy. But most of all I think her brother is her favorite! She just loves watching him and laughs at him more than anything else. I just love seeing the admiration in her eyes as she watches her big brother move around all over the house!She's still a Daddy's girl, but has definitely learned she needs Mommy when she's hungry. I know when she's hungry because she'll get super excited to see me and cry if I walk away. And it can get embarrassing with her tugging on my shirt if she's hungry too. Silly babies! But hey, she's a smart girl and knows exactly where her calories come from!

We always refer to her as our wiggle worm because man, you cannot keep this girl sitting still for long! She loves to move herself all around on the floor, mostly by rolling right now. But she's done an army crawl forward a few times and managed to get herself on all fours yesterday morning for a second, so she's getting close to crawling! She always arches her back and wiggles down when you sit her on your lap. Crazy girl! But we love her wiggly ways!

Another thing she loves is touching faces. She loves reaching out and patting our cheeks, or sometimes grabs fistfuls of our face, which hurts pretty bad. especially if it's been a few days since I trimmed her nails! But it's so cute, we can't get mad at her =) I do have quite a few scratch marks on my face from her, though. Most of the time, she'll just sit with her hand resting on our cheek, though, and it just melts our heart!


the boyd family said...

she is such a precious little thing :) your kids are so cute!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

She is just precious!!!