Monday, November 17, 2008


So, our blog is in need of some serious updating. There is a reason why I've been absent from the blogging world a lot lately...we're expecting baby #2!!! Yay! We are so excited, and have been anticipating reaching the 12 week milestone to share our awesome news! That day is today! So between feeling nauseous, tired, and trying to keep quiet about our news, I guess I've just kinda shied away from posting anything. But we are looking good with this doctor is the greatest and has done 3 ultrasounds for me already. (He knows I'm super paranoid from our history with miscarriages). Here's the latest picture I got today:

It was so awesome to see this little one opening and closing his/her fist and stretching about and kicking. Even though I try not to, I find myself always thinking pretty negatively before my appointments, so I was overjoyed to see him/her alive and kicking around =) Carter is very excited to have a brother or sister and always comes up and pats my belly and asks, "A baby in there?" He also asks me frequently to "open" my belly so he can see the baby. I also think it's really cute because he will cup his ear and tells me he hears something. When I ask him what it was, he says, "The baby's crying!" So I ask him, "Why do you think the baby's crying?" and he tells me it needs water and oocasionally, fruit snacks =) Or, if he wants some extra Yogo's or something, he'll tell me there's a hungry baby in his belly. I love funny, and sneaky for a 2-year-old!

Another new thing is we've opened escrow on our new house we're purchasing. (New for us anyway). It needs new flooring and some paint before we move in, but we are very excited to have our own place again (we love you Mom Wagasky and Danielle, though). It has a lot more space than our other house and we have awesome renters in our other place. The only next step is being patient and waiting for it to close quickly....hopefully! Here's a picture of the outside:

Yep, the grass is dead in the front and the back, so if anyone has any tips on bringing it back to life after we've bought it, please fill us in! So, check back soon for more great updates...lots of new stuff going on with us =)