Friday, March 27, 2009

Today is Justin and I's 5-year anniversary! He is the most amazing husband and I'm so lucky to have spent the last five years married to him. He is such a hard worker, always making sure we're taken care of, plus more! He treats me like a princess, which I don't always deserve, and he is my best friend! I love you, babe! I can't wait for our date tonight!

For a flashback Friday moment, I had to share this precious video I found taken when Carter was 10 weeks old, he had just started laughing. I love all the precious "firsts" you get to experience with your kids!

Feeling creative juices flowing...

So, I just had to share the cute project Danielle and I made last night. We got together to make our kids Easter presents, which we decided would be a cute beach towel project we found in one of my sewing books. Danielle has 2 kiddos to sew for, so she only finished one last night, for Keagan, but you can see how cute they are. We were quite proud! Carter picked out the monkey fabric himself and Keagan picked out his flame material too.

Then, this morning, Carter went and got the rest of the monkey fabric out. He's been getting it out every day and asking me to make him something. He loves the fabric he picked out and just can't wait to see what his "Easter surprise" is. So, I was trying to think of what I could possibly do with the scraps I had left after I made the towel, as I didn't have enough for pajama pants. So, I am quite proud to say I made my own little pattern up for a backpack for him! I think it turned out pretty well! It took some trial and error on the straps, but I think we got it right now! This picture is sideways, but I think you can see it good still!


The day before yesterday, poor Carter had his first big ... injury, I guess. We walked down to the mailbox and he always takes one of his riding toys with us. So, he was trying to go super fast pushing himself with his feet on his little airplane, when he flew over the front and landed on his poor little face in the street. He lifted his face up and started crying and his face was just covered in blood. I was by myself because Justin was at the dentist had to pick him up and carry him, the airplane and a load of mail back to our house. Everyone was staring at us as they drove by and saw his bloody little face. When we got home, I started rinsing it off and saw his bottom lip split open in 4 different places, his top lip split open and his top front tooth was bleeding around the gum and a tiny bit wiggly. Oh, and he had a bloody nose. So, we had quite a mess! He ended up with a huge fat lip and the gum is swollen halfway over his top tooth. I took this picture yesterday afternoon after he had a bath, so it looks waaay better as the swelling had gone down quite a bit, but you can see how sad...poor guy! When he tells the story, though, you would think he was telling you about an action movie. Ha ha...what a champ!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ethel M Chocolate

Last week, we went to Ethel M Chocolate Factory with my two cute sister-in-laws, Danielle and Andrea, and their kids and my friend, Rashelle, with her 3 kids! The best part is, its free and you get free chocolate! Can I just take a moment to say how sad I am that I cannot fully enjoy chocolate right now. Kelsie sits so far up in my ribs, I get super bad acid reflux, and chocolate is one of the worst culprits! Sigh...The factory was fun, though, especially the cactus gardens outside seemed to be the kids' favorite part!

The three little 2-year-old munchkins!

Rashelle and I

Makenze and Andrea

Carter and Makenze watching the chocolate being made

I hate pigeons

Well, almost two weeks ago, we decided to finally go outside and try to fix our poor front lawn. We had bought grass seed and soil and Justin got to work on trying to even out the ground and get all the annoying weeds out. We were kinda hoping the grass that was there would eventually come back to life, but our HOA was getting impatient with us, so we got to work! Carter loves being outside AND absolutely loves helping, so he loved this project! But, after all our hard work, the stupid pigeons flocked over and ate all our seeds!!! Dumb birds...Justin calls them flying rats and it's so true. They are the most annoying little creatures. So, this weekend we have to do the front yard AGAIN and this time we're just going to lay down sod.
Justin also cut down all the dead trees in the backyard this week. I was worried to cut one down because it had a nest in there and there were always a bunch of sparrows, but there was nothing in the nest, so we just had to cut it down. Carter brought out his tools too to help Daddy and while I was watering the live plants, he came up to me with his saw and said, "Mommy, don't touch that. It's really, really sharp and if you touch it you'll get big owies. This is only for boys so don't touch it." Ha ha....that was pretty funny. Well, hey, he's put two and two together that the only tool I use is a hammer and screwdriver (which he pronounces "googobber"). Big power tools are for the boys in this family =)

Mom's Birthday

This is posted so late, but on March 2nd we got to celebrate my beautiful mother's birthday! I am so grateful to have an awesome mom like her. She's definately one-in-a-million lady. Carter just adores his "Grandma Gill" and begs me to drop him off at her house. Every time we take him over there he yells, "Thank you for taking me to Grandma Gill's!" And then he not so subtly tells me to leave. Well, we can't blame the guy, she's a loveable lady and we don't know where we'd be without her! Happy late birthday again, Mom! Here's some pictures:

I was in charge of the yummy cheesecake and Robert made the whole dinner of lasagna!

My handsome guys

I love this man...he's the best!!!

Hayden, Mom, and Nicole

My mom with her pretty sign I made...did I mention I'm addicted to Mod Podge now?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm going to play catch up on my blog finally! I'll start with an awesome event from a few weeks ago. February 21st to be exact! Justin's favorite family from his mission, James and Diona Davis, were sealed in the temple! And we got to go because it was here in the Las Vegas Temple! We haven't seen them since before Carter was born so it was really nice to see them, especially under the circumstances! Here's some pictures from that: