Friday, March 27, 2009


The day before yesterday, poor Carter had his first big ... injury, I guess. We walked down to the mailbox and he always takes one of his riding toys with us. So, he was trying to go super fast pushing himself with his feet on his little airplane, when he flew over the front and landed on his poor little face in the street. He lifted his face up and started crying and his face was just covered in blood. I was by myself because Justin was at the dentist had to pick him up and carry him, the airplane and a load of mail back to our house. Everyone was staring at us as they drove by and saw his bloody little face. When we got home, I started rinsing it off and saw his bottom lip split open in 4 different places, his top lip split open and his top front tooth was bleeding around the gum and a tiny bit wiggly. Oh, and he had a bloody nose. So, we had quite a mess! He ended up with a huge fat lip and the gum is swollen halfway over his top tooth. I took this picture yesterday afternoon after he had a bath, so it looks waaay better as the swelling had gone down quite a bit, but you can see how sad...poor guy! When he tells the story, though, you would think he was telling you about an action movie. Ha ha...what a champ!