Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gotta finish one vacation before the next!

AAAh! I gotta at least finish pictures from our San Diego trip before we venture off the California again! That's right, in a few days, we'll be off to Disneyland! But before that, let me re-visit Balboa Park on the Sunday of our San Diego weekend. It was so nice outside and we had a great time walking around Balboa Park, which we didn't get to see last year. Heck...there's so much to see there we should really go back again next year!

Miss Kelsie-Lou sitting on the steps of the Organ Stadium
Maxi just had to get a picture with this dog in it because it reminded her of her favorite family dog that died. Carter was greatly loving being the second object of the photo shoot!
Carter in the gardens
Shannon and Landon
Maxi standing in front of the Botanical Building
Yep...Carter is the little red speck in front

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Diego -- WARNING! Pictures galore!

(This was a pretty rainbow we saw in the sky on the way there!)

The weekend of the 9th we took a fun little trip to San Diego! After we visited last year, we knew we wanted to go back every year because we enjoyed it so much. So, not about to break that little promise to ourselves and wanting to show Maxi the beach, etc before it gets cold, we ventured off! Friends of ours, Landon and Shannon, live there so we mostly saw them the whole time (well, Landon on Saturday). They were super nice showing us around and we had a lot of fun hanging out on the beach.

Carter and Kelsie LOVED the beach!
Our family hanging out in the waves
Is this not the cutest little picture ever? What a stud!
Kelsie was our little fearless child. She ran right into the water and loved to stand and have the waves hit her over and over! Justin let go of her one time and the wave knocked her over with her face going in! But did she care? Heck no! She got right back in without so much as a flinch! (Well, maybe a little flinch to get the salt out of her eyes)
Carter was a little more timid when it came to the waves. We had a few teary moments after getting knocked down by waves. But the little guy was a trooper and didn't let it spoil his fun! He mostly was our little sand monster, which I did not mind at all! One less little one to worry about drowning in the ocean =)
Kelsie, Maxi and I at the surf taco shop Landon took us to. It was delicious! And Maxi really liked their cheese; she said it was "special" cheese. We had fun teasing her about that because it really was only cheddar cheese! It must've been that real california cheese or something! ha ha
Landon and Justin at lunch
Me at the hotel ;)
Saturday after a long day at the beach, Landon invited us over to make us dinner! It was delicious and I am amazed because Justin has only cooked once in our marriage and always tells me he can't possibly make his own sandwich because it tastes much better made by someone else! But, I gotta give him credit for shredding cheese for me when I need it because I really hate doing it! So, for sure I rule the kitchen in our house, but this just goes to show that guys can cook too!

The view from the back yard... GORGEOUS!
Me and the kiddos in the back
Beautiful Maxi enjoying every second of California!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Tagged

Okay, I was tagged by one of my best friends, Danielle and so I will do it before I go to bed =)

1) What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I wanted to be a teacher growing up. My Grandma had all these extra school supplies from when she was a school teacher and I LOVED playing school! I am a teacher of my children for now and one day, I will finish my degree and be a school teacher as well =)

2) Name one embarrassing thing about yourself?
Well I could go on about lots of embarrassing things about myself, I say lots of embarrassing things and do lots of quirky things. But I will say ... I don't know, the things I'm thinking of I'm pretty sure are just kinda gross? Okay, I really like picking scabs ... like, a lot. It sounds really gross to say it, but I really love it and my husband runs from me when he has one because he knows I will find it =)

3) If you could only rescue three things from your house what would they be?
Okay, like Danielle, I'm going to assume my family is already removed from the house. I will say my computer since it has all my pictures and family videos on it (or how about my external hard drive shoved in the back of my scrapbook?). My kids' favorite blankies and my Grandmother's painting she did for us. I feel that almost everything else can be replaced, but those are some precious things that could never be replaced!

4) What's your favorite book?
My favorite book is ... man, I wanna say the Twilight series but it's so cliche sounding now. However, I do cherish that series, could read it over and over. I also really love The Host by Stephenie Meyer, The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks and the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

5) What's your favorite movie?
There's so many and it's hard to pick just one, but this one has always been very near and dear to me and I will love it forever. "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken." Oh man, it's the best movie, REALLY!!!

6) What's your favorite joke?
KNock Knock? Who's There? Banana. Banana Who? Knock Knock. Who's There? Banana. Banana Who? ETC .. Knock Knock? Who's There? Orange. Orange Who? Orange you glad I didn't say Banana again?

Ha ha ... okay, that's always my go to joke when Carter wants to hear a joke. Or Knock knock. Who's there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Let us in it's cold outside!

Oh my cute boy, laughs hysterically at these same jokes every time =)

7) What would you most like to change about your house?
Hmmm...I think I would like to change the amount of trees. I want lots and lots more trees so I can pretend I don't live in the desert!

8) Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don't want to say "No" to this question, but I don't think I can fully say "Yes" either. I believe when you meet someone, you can have a "feeling" that you will cherish that person forever. I believe you can instantly care about someone and have strong feelings of love towards someone very quickly. But to have true, unconditional love for someone is something that takes time. To love and accept someone as they are takes the time of knowing exactly who that person is. So, loving someone as a whole is not something that can happen in an instant.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Movie In The Park

This last Friday, we FINALLY went to the Movie In The Park event they do in our neighborhood. We've never gone because it usually starts later (8 or something) when it gets dark (bedtime, not so good timing). But, since it's been getting dark earlier, we were able to go. They were showing Ghostbusters! Woo-hoo! Love that movie, I was totally singing the, "Dun du du du du du, dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-du. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!" Maxi was looking forward to this for weeks; as she said while we were walking, "I have never seen a movie in a garden before!" Carter and Kelsie love being outside in general, so it was LOVELY! It had rained earlier in the day, but luckily the grass had dried up by the time we got there.

We bought some $5 pizzas from Little Caesar's, cut up some oranges, brought some drinks, and we were good to go! It was perfect weather and was so nice to just sit and enjoy the great outdoors with a good ol' movie! They had a craft for the kids too and gave away free glowsticks, which was very awesome both for spotting my children in the dark and a good entertainment tool!
Carter holding his marshmallow man

Hayden, Mikayla, and Kelsie

Kelsie wanted to be by Aunt Nicole!

Justin and Carter eating pizza
Emma and Sophia
Maxi and I

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainforest Cafe

This past Saturday, we had the inkling to go eat somewhere fun since we had Shelly here to hang out with! So, we went to Rainforest Cafe! It is fun to eat there with the animals coming to life and the rain falling down around. The kids and adults all had a good time, although the price won't have us returning any time soon! But hey, we're making memories here, right?

Our family on the bench at Rainforest Cafe
Carter and Libby showing me their balloon animals
Justin and Jason chatting it up before dinner
Carter drumming his utensils to pass the time... He kept telling me, "Mommy, they're not bringing me my food!" (In the "I'm telling on someone" voice)

Mom W, Andrea and I
Maxi with the kids looking over the raining balcony
Eastenn, Danielle, Shelly and Libby
Our table
Maxi, Andrea and I (with Libby and Kelsie in the corner)

We also, right before the Rainforest Cafe tried to swing by the Springs Preserve in town. They were having a free event "Asian Moon Festival" and we'd never been there before, so we wanted to check it out. Well, I was expecting something the size of the Mormon Fort that we attend here frequently. Ummm, not even close. It was so full we had to park down the street at the mall and the place is HUGE with, like 3 museums throughout and outside places to explore. So, by the time we walked in, we really only had 25 minutes before we had to start walking out again, which was pretty lame. Carter got to make a paper lantern...and then we were done. Ha ha. So, it was a weird, fast outing, that ended in a few educational pointers: 1. Plan on being there for a few hours next time. 2. When there's a free event here in town, plan on fighting a large crowd (HELLO?! I'm retarded) and 3. Tired children/adults walking in the heat with no cold water = unhappy folks. All seem fairly obvious, but I was apparently oblivious to them this particular day. oh well, we had fun for 25 minutes =)

Maxi helping Carter make his paper lantern
Carter with the finished product
Kelsie playing in the dirt, as usual =)
My hot hubby and I
Last night, we had Mom W, Emma and Sophia over for one last dinner before they go home! The kids had fun playing in the backyard and eating yummy popsicles afterwards.

Kelsie was so happy to have her own popsicle!
Gorgeous Emma
Carter and Sophia

Family Visits!

Don't you just love when you get visits from family? I know we do, especially ones we haven't seen in a while! Justin's sister, Shelly, came into town this last week (she lives in Chicago) and we were so happy to have her! Also, our two nieces, Emma and Sophia, were here! I dragged Shelly to my early morning Saturday Zumba class I teach at the church and we also got her and the two girls going with us the following Tuesday! Woo-hoo! YAY ZUMBA! Ha ha, okay, I'm done with my shout-out. So the Thursday after Shelly arrived we had invited her and Mom W over for dinner with us for some oh-so-yummy ribs! I love those things! Well, when Justin's twin brother heard what we were all eating together, he decided they should be part of this action too (and who could blame him, you can't go wrong with ribs). So, their family came over and joined us as well and added some steak to the feast! It was a party =) Here are pictures from
that evening:
Aunt Shelly with Danielle and cute little Libby
Kelsie was all about sitting on Aunt Danielle's lap, dipping her dessert in the milk and sipping out of the straw, too bad half the dessert didn't end up in her mouth! Ha ha
The kids were running around like screaming banshee's exactly 5.5 seconds before the TV was flipped on, milk was handed out and the picture was taken.
And one last one to include. This is Kelsie every day. She's always throwing her arms around me in desperation saying, "Mommy, mommy, MOMMY!!!" It's oh so cute...she says her little words so good and looks so darn cute, how could anyone resist this sweet face?