Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainforest Cafe

This past Saturday, we had the inkling to go eat somewhere fun since we had Shelly here to hang out with! So, we went to Rainforest Cafe! It is fun to eat there with the animals coming to life and the rain falling down around. The kids and adults all had a good time, although the price won't have us returning any time soon! But hey, we're making memories here, right?

Our family on the bench at Rainforest Cafe
Carter and Libby showing me their balloon animals
Justin and Jason chatting it up before dinner
Carter drumming his utensils to pass the time... He kept telling me, "Mommy, they're not bringing me my food!" (In the "I'm telling on someone" voice)

Mom W, Andrea and I
Maxi with the kids looking over the raining balcony
Eastenn, Danielle, Shelly and Libby
Our table
Maxi, Andrea and I (with Libby and Kelsie in the corner)

We also, right before the Rainforest Cafe tried to swing by the Springs Preserve in town. They were having a free event "Asian Moon Festival" and we'd never been there before, so we wanted to check it out. Well, I was expecting something the size of the Mormon Fort that we attend here frequently. Ummm, not even close. It was so full we had to park down the street at the mall and the place is HUGE with, like 3 museums throughout and outside places to explore. So, by the time we walked in, we really only had 25 minutes before we had to start walking out again, which was pretty lame. Carter got to make a paper lantern...and then we were done. Ha ha. So, it was a weird, fast outing, that ended in a few educational pointers: 1. Plan on being there for a few hours next time. 2. When there's a free event here in town, plan on fighting a large crowd (HELLO?! I'm retarded) and 3. Tired children/adults walking in the heat with no cold water = unhappy folks. All seem fairly obvious, but I was apparently oblivious to them this particular day. oh well, we had fun for 25 minutes =)

Maxi helping Carter make his paper lantern
Carter with the finished product
Kelsie playing in the dirt, as usual =)
My hot hubby and I
Last night, we had Mom W, Emma and Sophia over for one last dinner before they go home! The kids had fun playing in the backyard and eating yummy popsicles afterwards.

Kelsie was so happy to have her own popsicle!
Gorgeous Emma
Carter and Sophia

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