Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Diego -- WARNING! Pictures galore!

(This was a pretty rainbow we saw in the sky on the way there!)

The weekend of the 9th we took a fun little trip to San Diego! After we visited last year, we knew we wanted to go back every year because we enjoyed it so much. So, not about to break that little promise to ourselves and wanting to show Maxi the beach, etc before it gets cold, we ventured off! Friends of ours, Landon and Shannon, live there so we mostly saw them the whole time (well, Landon on Saturday). They were super nice showing us around and we had a lot of fun hanging out on the beach.

Carter and Kelsie LOVED the beach!
Our family hanging out in the waves
Is this not the cutest little picture ever? What a stud!
Kelsie was our little fearless child. She ran right into the water and loved to stand and have the waves hit her over and over! Justin let go of her one time and the wave knocked her over with her face going in! But did she care? Heck no! She got right back in without so much as a flinch! (Well, maybe a little flinch to get the salt out of her eyes)
Carter was a little more timid when it came to the waves. We had a few teary moments after getting knocked down by waves. But the little guy was a trooper and didn't let it spoil his fun! He mostly was our little sand monster, which I did not mind at all! One less little one to worry about drowning in the ocean =)
Kelsie, Maxi and I at the surf taco shop Landon took us to. It was delicious! And Maxi really liked their cheese; she said it was "special" cheese. We had fun teasing her about that because it really was only cheddar cheese! It must've been that real california cheese or something! ha ha
Landon and Justin at lunch
Me at the hotel ;)
Saturday after a long day at the beach, Landon invited us over to make us dinner! It was delicious and I am amazed because Justin has only cooked once in our marriage and always tells me he can't possibly make his own sandwich because it tastes much better made by someone else! But, I gotta give him credit for shredding cheese for me when I need it because I really hate doing it! So, for sure I rule the kitchen in our house, but this just goes to show that guys can cook too!

The view from the back yard... GORGEOUS!
Me and the kiddos in the back
Beautiful Maxi enjoying every second of California!


Sassy Classy Mommy said...

You are so gorgeous. So proud that you are my cousin. And your family is just the cutest! Oh, and I love the background {check out my amberslittlewonders blog ;)}

Michelle Nicol said...

Love the pictures. Can you teach me how to blog, you do such a nice job.

Jason and Danielle said...

It looked like you guys had so much fun. That picture of carter holding the board is the cutest!

Melody's Voice said...

The beach looks beautiful! I love the one of all of you on the beach.

Sheri said...

How fun!I always have Marc grate the cheese too. One thing I don't like to do either.