Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bunch is going on

So, I don't have any pictures because I haven't had time to load them!!! We just got back from visiting Jason and Danielle in Washington and had so much fun! Carter had a blast with his cousins. So, there's lots of pictures to come from that! But we're also in the middle of moving. We've decided to rent out our house so that we can take advantage of the lower house prices now to buy a bigger house. We DID have our house rented already and are halfway moved in to Justin's mom's house, when I get an e-mail from our renters last night saying they can't rent it anymore due to a family emergency! SO SUCKY!!! So, I guess we'll keep trucking along to find another renter!
Also, I think Carter might suffer from night terrors (def: A state of intense fear and agitation sometimes experienced, especially by children, on awakening from a stage of sleep not associated with dreaming but characterized by extremely vivid hallucinations.) Ever since we moved him from his crib to his toddler bed, I think his room kinda freaks him out now when he wakes up. In his crib, I would hear him wake up sometimes, but he would go right back to sleep by himself. I think in his toddler bed, his room seems so much bigger and open when he wakes up. So, for instance, last night, he woke up screaming bloody murder at 2:30, so I went in there and sat with him for a minute and left and he went back to sleep. Then, at 3:30, he woke up again screaming and yelling, "Help me!" He wasn't coming out of his room again, so I went in there and he was sitting in the corner of his bed with his blanket up to his chin crying, "Help me!" It just broke my little heart for him =( I know he's obviously scared to even get out of his bed when he wakes up sometimes. Other times, he'll cry and come running out of his room and want to sleep with us. I just feel so bad when this happens that my little one gets so terrified. Hopefully it doesn't get worse or anything when we move! He was verysad when we left some of his toys over there last night. He got a frowny face and said, "Mine!" when we were walking out the door. Poor guy...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Visit from a princess!

We had a girl over in our house for a change! Makenze was over at our house for a few hours while Shane and Andrea were in Cali to Disneyland and Mom had a meeting to go to. We really enjoyed having her. It is so funny to watch the differences between a girl and a boy. My favorite though is when she falls, and it happens a lot, clumsy girl! Her hair is so long and it just flies through the air in front of her face. Then she uses her hands and brushes it back like a little dainty adorable. And she was cracking herself up making herself dizzy and falling down! Here's some pictures/highlights from her visit!

Time out for juice!

Playing in the living room!

Oh-oh...the "Mine!" Monster is coming out! Ha ha

Makenze learned how to use our kitchen stool!

Watching Curious George

New Haircuts

So, I borrowed the clippers from my mom again so I could fix my little rugamuff. Carter's hair was looking a little shabby and he hates when I comb it, so off it went! Justin at first said he was going to buzz his head like Carter's, but then he started chickening out like he always does when he says he's going to change his hair. I tried to talk him back into it, but he said "No". Well, after I told him I was going to bring the clippers back to my mom, he said he'd cut it! So, last night while Carter was in the bath, he joked he was going to have a mohawk and asked me to cut it like that. So, I did and he's decided, after spiking it up that he kinda likes it! And I will admit that I kinda like it too; he looks pretty hot with it! So, he's going to keep it for at least a few days, he says.

Justin's before picture...can you tell he's super excited I'm taking a picture!

Carter helping Daddy with his new 'do
Side view

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ghandi, Tweaker and Hamilton

Yep, that's the names of our tadpoles/frogs that survived so far! Yesterday, Carter and I rode the bike to the dollar store to get a new home for the baby frogs, since Ghandi had sprouted some legs and seemed like he was trying to get his head out of water! I was mighty proud we rode our bike down there too! It was a nice little workout but didn't take long at all! Anywho, we transferred them to their new home (a tupperware shoebox with holes in the top) and added a river rock from our front yard and they seemed very happy! Tweaker is the tiny tadpole and he got his name because he is psychotic, literally, with his crazy swimming habits. He gets these sudden bursts of energy and goes nuts! It's really funny, I should video it. And Hamilton we got because he's the fat kid who goes and hides out. He seriously has a huge head, and he gets picked on. Poor Hammy...thanks Danielle for the idea ;) Ha ha (She seriously didn't give me permission to use this as a frog name). This is a really long story about our frogs, but I woke up this morning and little Ghandi had planted himself on the rock, basking in his adulthood! Carter stood there for about 10 minutes communicating with his frog noise "Bibbit!" Here's some pictures:

This is Ghandi just yesterday above and him this morning perched on his rock...pretty crazy, huh?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I thought I'd post a picture of our tadpoles weekly growth since one of them already sprouted some arms today! There's 3 little babies besides these big guys, but you can only see one of them in the picture! They're loving the fruit loops I put in there, though!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tadpoles are baby frogs!

So, my cute friend, Brianna, in our ward had a fun idea for us to take our kids to catch some tadpoles so they could watch them grow into frogs! I thought this was genius since I've wanted to do this for some time now! So, her husband gave her directions to a place he found and we packed up the kiddies and drove out! We had quite an adventure on our hands! The first place we stopped and thought it was the right place we couldn't fit the stroller so we had to hike a ways with 3 toddlers and her baby, Kodi, only to find we had hiked to someone's house! Neither of us brought our phone, so I stayed with the 3 walking kids while she hiked back to call her hubby and then hiked back again to tell us it was the wrong place (wow, sorry for that bad idea, Bree!). Then, the kids were starving, but we did find the right place and decided to eat in the car before we hiked in. This time the stroller fit, but once we got to the river bed, it was too rough of a trail for it, so she just left it there while we walked a little ways until we found the pond with hundreds of tadpoles! It was way worth it once we were there and the kids had a great time throwing rocks in the water! Bree and I had fun catching the tadpoles, although she was a bit smarter catching them in the shallow area =) So, thanks for the fun outing, Bree...I have a feeling I'll see more of this girl, we had lots of fun! I especially enjoyed watching you try to push the stroller through the loose dirt!

Carter and I
Carter holding the jar of tadpoles
Rylee and Carter waiting to hear if we're in the wrong spot!
Carter and Branson enjoying their sticks

Oh and now Carter keeps asking about the "babies" since I explained they were baby frogs!

Happy Mama Day!

My man is 27!!!

Justin's birthday is today! But we celebrated it first on Saturday with going to see Ironman together! We don't get to the movies very often anymore, so it was a real treat since the movie was so good! We both really liked it and had a good time. Can I just make one comment on how rediculously expensive refreshments are?! It cost us $15.00 for a popcorn and 2 drinks! We usually bring our own stuff, but we were running late and hadn't had dinner yet! Dang those greedy people!
Yesterday was the bigger celebration, though with our family and Justin got his presents. My parents pitched in and helped me buy him an olympic weight system, since they're so expensive. It was hard to try and hide what it was underneath a big sheet! He asked if he could "open it" before anyone arrived and I said no, but I turn around and there he was peeking under the sheet! What a cheater! He was way excited, though and loved all his other presents too! The birthday boy excited to open presents!
Had to do the manly thing and show his mad skills!
Pumping some iron like Daddy!
What a stud in Uncle Robert's hat!
Carter helped himself to opening one of Daddy's presents! Apparenlt Carter decided he needed a break! He sat in there and rocked for a while and drank some water! Silly boy!
Carter was all about helping blow out the candles!
Hayden helping him check out his presents!

We ended his celebration with some grilled jalepino burgers and some Golden Spoon frozen yogurt today for his actual birthday! I love this man so much and hope he had an awesome birthday! Smooches!!!

Mother's Day

This last Sunday we had everyone over to our house for Mother's Day! It was great. I really love having everyone over, even though our house isn't huge, but it's always fun and I hope everyone else thinks so too! I always forget that Mother's Day is for me now, too. I always think of our moms, but I loved the stuff Justin and Carter gave me. Justin bought Carter a new outfit especially for the day! He is so thoughtful and I love being a mom to my precious little boy! I think it's so amazing watching him grow every day and seeing how his little mind works. He is so much fun and I can't wait to grow our family even more. Having Carter has made our family more complete and we just love him to pieces. Justin also learned how to BBQ, which was awesome! He did a great job on the was super tasty! Here's some pictures from our celebration!

Carter helping make waffles in the morning! Carter with his cute new outfit
Andrea and I
Wagasky moms!

My hubby BBQin' up the place!

Carter with his Grandmas!

Justin and Makenze...look at that hair! What a cutie she is!

My mom and I

All the moms: Me, Andrea, My mom (Joan), Justin's mom (Lorena), and Nicole

The whole fam that came except my dad and Shane, who were manning the cameras!

Nicole and Carter...what a fun aunt!

Justin and his mom =)

Nicole and Hayden

Me reading my card!

My "Big Boy"

Carter has been running around telling me that he's a big boy lately (sounds like "Bee-go Bee!") and I suppose this all started last Wednesday when he started using the big potty! Yay! He's been going about twice a day, but I usually have to let him be naked for a bit and he'll accidentally do a little squirt and then run to the toilet, panting like he's been running for an hour! Ha ha...He tries a lot during the day, but he usually will tell me he has to go right after, or as he's peeing in his diaper. He gets so mad when he's all done or nothing is coming out. He'll poke himself like, "How do I get this thing to was working a minute ago!" It's cute, but I feel bad he gets frustrated about that! He's also been loving taking showers with his daddy. He'll take off his clothes and run into our shower and call, "Daadyyy!" Even if he just took a shower with Justin an hour ago! I couldn't resist taking a picture of his first shower because he just laughs hysterically and loves it so much! His new word this past week is "Wa-wa" and requests the hose, playing in the water, or taking a bath all the time. This child loves water! I'm excited to get him into a pool! Here's some cute pictures recently of my "Bee-go Bee!"

Carter thinks it's so funny to put the butterfly net from Elefun on his head!

Hayden got a scratch on his finger, so Carter kept saying "Owe!" and telling me he needed a Band-Aid too! This is them showing off their band-aids =)
Carter loves helping me clean. He's my little helper and neat freak!
These boys were so funny using this laundry basket to watch "Cars"
This is Carter telling his Dad he just went potty! Yay! (He's listening very intently)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My hubbykins

So, I wanted to post something about my AWESOME husband! I found a cute little husband survey and I thought that would be a cute way to tell about him. First, though, let me just tell you that he is the coolest! Yesterday, I wanted a bin to put my piano books in instead of an ugly tupperware container! So, I asked if he might be able to make one and he goes out and whips out the most awesome bin (made out of my cool barnwood I aquired) in an hour! How cool is that?! I didn't have to go spend any money because my hubby rocks and builds cool stuff for me all the time! I love him and as you can see Carter enjoyed sitting in the bin =)

What is his name: Justin John

How long have you been married: 4 amazing years that keep getting better!

How old is he? He'll be 27 next week! Ha ha, he hates getting closer to 30!

Who eats more? Sometimes I swear I do, but he definately eats FASTER! I'm into my #3 bite and he's over there licking his plate ready for seconds! Crazy!

Who said I love you first? I did and he didn't say it back right away. Kinda sucky, but I just said what I felt and he soon realized how awesome I was =)

Who is taller? Justin hands down! I love wearing heels and still fitting under his chin!

Who sings better? Justin has a really good voice that he won't admit he has! I am just able to stay on key!

Who is smarter? Justin is more "street smart" and I am more "book smart"

Whose temper is worse? Mine for sure, once a month, sorry babe!

Who does the laundry? I do it more, but Justin also picthes in, he just refuses to fold. In fact, he would just pile them all on our bed and sleep on them, literally!

Who does the dishes? I do...Justin's good at soaking dishes =) Ha ha

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're standing at the foot, Justin does. I'm closer to the door to get up with babies!

Who cooks dinner? I do, Justin is so helpless when it comes to making food. Except for a yummy chicken dish he's made once!

Who drives when you are together? Justin does unless he's exhausted on a trip. I entertain Carter

Who is more stubborn? We are both very stubborn, but luckily we both let stuff roll off our backs too, so we get over stuff quickly!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? 50/50...we take turns being first! I usually have to explain why I'm upset, though, and then he's quick to apologize. Crazy boys!

Whose parents do you see the most? Pretty equal, but we usually see his mom more frequently throughout the week for dinner and stuff!

Who has more friends? I do...Justin doesn't care about having friends. He says he's happy with his brothers =)

Who has more siblings? Actually, we have the same counting my half brothers and sister! 5 siblings each!

Who wears the pants in the family? We each have a pant leg! We're exactly the same leadership-wise. We both have a hard time making decisions sometimes, but usually when one is wishy-washy, it pushes the other to be more opinionated!

I love my husband! He's the BEST!!!