Monday, May 19, 2008

New Haircuts

So, I borrowed the clippers from my mom again so I could fix my little rugamuff. Carter's hair was looking a little shabby and he hates when I comb it, so off it went! Justin at first said he was going to buzz his head like Carter's, but then he started chickening out like he always does when he says he's going to change his hair. I tried to talk him back into it, but he said "No". Well, after I told him I was going to bring the clippers back to my mom, he said he'd cut it! So, last night while Carter was in the bath, he joked he was going to have a mohawk and asked me to cut it like that. So, I did and he's decided, after spiking it up that he kinda likes it! And I will admit that I kinda like it too; he looks pretty hot with it! So, he's going to keep it for at least a few days, he says.

Justin's before picture...can you tell he's super excited I'm taking a picture!

Carter helping Daddy with his new 'do
Side view


whitneymwaite said...

I must say, good job on the cuts! love em! the funky mohawk is AMAZING! Cant go wrong with that! little boys are the best i must say! i am bias but i think they are a little less work when it comes to the getting ready department! LOVE IT! just wish i could get done in 15 minutes flat! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! unless maybe i shaved my head!!! UMMMM.... now that is an idea!!! i love u!!!

JDwags said...

I love it and although it is weird saying your brother looks hot the mowhawk works for Justin. He so needs to keep ti till this weekend. Call me tomorrow so I can tell you about my conversation with Jason and how much he is dreading this weekend :>