Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tadpoles are baby frogs!

So, my cute friend, Brianna, in our ward had a fun idea for us to take our kids to catch some tadpoles so they could watch them grow into frogs! I thought this was genius since I've wanted to do this for some time now! So, her husband gave her directions to a place he found and we packed up the kiddies and drove out! We had quite an adventure on our hands! The first place we stopped and thought it was the right place we couldn't fit the stroller so we had to hike a ways with 3 toddlers and her baby, Kodi, only to find we had hiked to someone's house! Neither of us brought our phone, so I stayed with the 3 walking kids while she hiked back to call her hubby and then hiked back again to tell us it was the wrong place (wow, sorry for that bad idea, Bree!). Then, the kids were starving, but we did find the right place and decided to eat in the car before we hiked in. This time the stroller fit, but once we got to the river bed, it was too rough of a trail for it, so she just left it there while we walked a little ways until we found the pond with hundreds of tadpoles! It was way worth it once we were there and the kids had a great time throwing rocks in the water! Bree and I had fun catching the tadpoles, although she was a bit smarter catching them in the shallow area =) So, thanks for the fun outing, Bree...I have a feeling I'll see more of this girl, we had lots of fun! I especially enjoyed watching you try to push the stroller through the loose dirt!

Carter and I
Carter holding the jar of tadpoles
Rylee and Carter waiting to hear if we're in the wrong spot!
Carter and Branson enjoying their sticks

Oh and now Carter keeps asking about the "babies" since I explained they were baby frogs!


Bree said...

Thanks for going with me, that was way fun!!! I hope we see lots more of eachother too. How have your tadpoles handled everything? I lost 3 (they died in the night) but the 2 big ones are still alive and kicking. They have eaten parts of the smaller ones tails! eewww!!!! Anyway, ttyl

Cassidy said...

what a cool idea! My kids would love that. Where did you guys go to find them?