Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

This last Sunday we had everyone over to our house for Mother's Day! It was great. I really love having everyone over, even though our house isn't huge, but it's always fun and I hope everyone else thinks so too! I always forget that Mother's Day is for me now, too. I always think of our moms, but I loved the stuff Justin and Carter gave me. Justin bought Carter a new outfit especially for the day! He is so thoughtful and I love being a mom to my precious little boy! I think it's so amazing watching him grow every day and seeing how his little mind works. He is so much fun and I can't wait to grow our family even more. Having Carter has made our family more complete and we just love him to pieces. Justin also learned how to BBQ, which was awesome! He did a great job on the meat...it was super tasty! Here's some pictures from our celebration!

Carter helping make waffles in the morning! Carter with his cute new outfit
Andrea and I
Wagasky moms!

My hubby BBQin' up the place!

Carter with his Grandmas!

Justin and Makenze...look at that hair! What a cutie she is!

My mom and I

All the moms: Me, Andrea, My mom (Joan), Justin's mom (Lorena), and Nicole

The whole fam that came except my dad and Shane, who were manning the cameras!

Nicole and Carter...what a fun aunt!

Justin and his mom =)

Nicole and Hayden

Me reading my card!

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JDwags said...

So sorry we couldn't be there but it would have taken a long time. Can't wait till we can actually come over it will be so much fun. and you all look super cute!