Saturday, September 27, 2008

Camping in Pioche

Okay, I'm feeling good that I'm at least in the same month now. For Labor Day every year, Justin's family camps out in Pioche, NV. We haven't been for the last 2 years because I was 9 months pregnant with Carter and then he was still kinda little to try and keep him warm and stuff last year. So, anyway, we were very excited to go again this year because it's super fun! And even more fun was Carter would have all his little cousins there to play with! Danielle had never really been camping before and she was such a trooper! I think we've got them excited about camping now (ha ha). The kids of course loved being outside 24/7, but man, were they dirty! Caked with dirt from head to toe! But that's all a part of camping with a little one, as we learned earlier this summer. I didn't really bother trying to keep Carter clean unless we were going into town so we didn't look like total hobos! Poor Makenze, his buddy, was having a rough time camping. This girl just cracks us up...she is the clumsiest girl so she already scratched up her face as soon as they arrived. Bless her little heart, she just doesn't want help or anything, so Shane and Andrea had a time keeping her from injuring herself in the great outdoors and she was so tired...but hopefully they still had a great time, I think! We sure had fun having them there. Here's some fun pictures from our fun adventure!

Temple Sealing

This is still more stuff from last month...I swear we've had so much stuff going on lately it's just insane. Anyway, while Justin's twin brother, Jason, was still here, we had a super special event happen...the sealing of Justin's mom and his brothers to their dad, Damian, who passed away last year. It was an amazing experience for all of us. Justin's dad was very active in the church before he passed away, but his parents had never been sealed, so it was very special. Since it hadn't been quite a year, we had to get special permissions from the First Presidency of the church and while I was on the phone with the temple president arranging things, it was one of those testimony moments that the prophet and all the "big" leaders of the church care about and give special attention to each and every member of the church across the world. Although Justin and I were talking afterwards, and we were both a bit disappointed that we didn't see a visual of Justin's dad (kinda silly, maybe that we had both wished for that), we both knew he was there and knew what had been done was important to his dad. Here's some nice pictures from the special day:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Date Night

Danielle and I had been planning a fun date for months before they got here that we could surprise the boys with before Jason left. We had decided indoor skydiving would be something fun they've talked about doing together! It was a blast. The boys had so much fun together and looked as excited as little kids in a candy store once they were in the wind tunnel. Us wives had a fun time watching them from the observation area!

We went to Osaka's afterwards also, but my dang camera battery died before we got sad! I hate it when that happens. Dang me for not charging it before hand. Shelly and Troy met up with us there and we all had a really fun time together. Jason drove their rental car for them to the hotel while Danielle rode with us. We had a little singing party in our car taking turns singing "All I wanna Do" by Sugarland...ha ha. Always fun times when Justin's in the mood for loud singing!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Recent happenings...

While Jason was still here (before he had to go back to Washington for his deployment) we had lots of fun activities going on! We went swimming a lot at the recreation centers and at family members' pools...thanks guys! Here's some pictures from our swimming trips:

We also went bowling at Texas Station one night while Damian was here...the kids had a lot of fun, not only bowling, but running around the locker room chasing each other and getting chased! Keagan was chasing Justin and Justin climbed on top of the lockers. It was pretty funny! Keagan had a hard time finding him that time. (I wonder where Carter gets his urge to climb from?)

Danielle looked up a fun place before they got here, also, called Bounce You. It's a place with all those air jumper/slide thing-a-ma-bobbers. I don't know what they're called at all, but the pictures will explain it =) The kids had a lot of fun and once Carter conquered the obstacle course, he just wanted to keep going through it over and over. He sat out for a while to eat some gold fish, but got too active right after and kinda threw up a little at the end of the obstacle course. Kinda gross, but hey, the kid was excited!

Spills, Spills, and more spills!

Just as a little side note, I have now finished the Twilight Saga and loved it! Now I'm back to my usual blogging world...I need to catch up! So I'm starting with a story of my poor car ride back home from Target. So, I spent FOREVER in Target, first of all. I love that store, but I really was not intending to be there for over an hour! At the checkout, Carter really wanted these little Spree's candies in a little plastic container. I told him since he did so good in the store (didn't run away from me once!) that he could get them but he could only have one of each color after lunch. So, we went to the food court afterwards, which I also love since it's so cheap, and got a hot dog/icee combo. On the way home, he was trying desperately to take the lid off his icee and handed it to me saying, "Open, Mommy!" But I said we would wait to get home and he could eat it with a spoon. So, he reminded me of his treat and I was trying to open the dumb thing while I was driving and it exploded EVERYWHERE! So, I pulled over so I could at least get them off my lap and stuff. When we got home, I unbuckled his car seat and let him climb in front with me while I finished my conversation with Justin. All of a sudden I hear, "Uh-oh" and feel warm liquid seeping into my pants! He had peed all over the seat, already covered with Sprees...yuck! So, I said, "Let's go inside and get something to clean this up and change your clothes." As I was getting out, I grabbed my purse, which the Icee was leaning against and the Icee spilled all over the middle console!!! I couldn't believe my luck...thank goodness I have a little one who enjoys helping me clean!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I haven't posted

I am so addicted to the Twilight series I literally have done nothing else in my free time! I love it so much and I'm almost halfway done with the 4th one...yay me! So, that's the reason why my blog needs serious updating, but I'll probably end up still waiting until I'm done to do all my pictures and everything. I'm hoping I like the ending of this book. So far, Eclipse (the third one) was my favorite. The first one I was loving Edward and then the second one I started loving Jacob and the third one was such a good combo of loving both of them (and being slightly ticked off at Jacob sometimes). Breaking Dawn I, of course, love it also, but it's kinda sad so far! So, hopefully everything turns out well. It's been interesting to have Jacob's perspective, but I kinda miss seeing certain things from Bella's perspective. Anywho...just had to fill you in on why I suck at posting lately!