Saturday, September 27, 2008

Temple Sealing

This is still more stuff from last month...I swear we've had so much stuff going on lately it's just insane. Anyway, while Justin's twin brother, Jason, was still here, we had a super special event happen...the sealing of Justin's mom and his brothers to their dad, Damian, who passed away last year. It was an amazing experience for all of us. Justin's dad was very active in the church before he passed away, but his parents had never been sealed, so it was very special. Since it hadn't been quite a year, we had to get special permissions from the First Presidency of the church and while I was on the phone with the temple president arranging things, it was one of those testimony moments that the prophet and all the "big" leaders of the church care about and give special attention to each and every member of the church across the world. Although Justin and I were talking afterwards, and we were both a bit disappointed that we didn't see a visual of Justin's dad (kinda silly, maybe that we had both wished for that), we both knew he was there and knew what had been done was important to his dad. Here's some nice pictures from the special day:

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Jason and Danielle said...

I love it and I am so copy and pasting your writing so I don't have to do hope you don't mind since I need to do those pictures too :> and I seriously love the page it is so pretty:> love you sis!