Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I haven't posted

I am so addicted to the Twilight series I literally have done nothing else in my free time! I love it so much and I'm almost halfway done with the 4th one...yay me! So, that's the reason why my blog needs serious updating, but I'll probably end up still waiting until I'm done to do all my pictures and everything. I'm hoping I like the ending of this book. So far, Eclipse (the third one) was my favorite. The first one I was loving Edward and then the second one I started loving Jacob and the third one was such a good combo of loving both of them (and being slightly ticked off at Jacob sometimes). Breaking Dawn I, of course, love it also, but it's kinda sad so far! So, hopefully everything turns out well. It's been interesting to have Jacob's perspective, but I kinda miss seeing certain things from Bella's perspective. Anywho...just had to fill you in on why I suck at posting lately!


Bree said...

All I have to say is, I loved all of them and I really ejoyed reading them. I got a little pre occupied with the reading to. I read all 4 in a months time. When I was done, I didn't quite know what to do with myself! (; Happy reading!!!

Debbie Blair said...

Heather got Amber and I addicted. I just finished the last book (and loved it). The movie comes out middle of November. Heather is going to fly here so we can all see it together. Say hi to everyone there, and give my sister a big hug from me!