Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Flashback

So, Carter fell asleep for the second time in his life eating his lunch! Since he woke himself up before I could get a picture, I decided to do a flashback of the first time he did! It was the classic time for him to fall asleep, because it was right after his first Thanksgiving dinner and he just zonked out in his chair with everyone chatting around him at my Grandma's house! Here's some cute pictures from that day! He's getting so big now!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Moving sucks so bad...I hate packing and I especially hate having most of our stuff in storage because I'll be looking for something and realize it's probably in storage. Justin told me he's not going to get anything out of storage because it's packed to the brim and he doesn't want the hassle. Which, I understand, but it's frustrating sometimes. Not that I don't love having the company of Justin's mom every day, because I absolutely do, but I am also looking forward to buying our new house in a few months and having our own space again. Mostly so I don't have to shimmy around our bed to walk in our room =) Ha ha...I'm glad Carter had fun with the boxes while packing, though, even though when we'd put stuff in them, he'd use an amplified version of his usual phrase, "Mine!"

Seriously, finishing Washington

After almost a month, I think it's time I got the remainder of these pictures up! These are from our day at Point Defiance Park where they had a train ride at the Logging Museum and then we had a picnic by the big pond with ducks! It was a great ending to our trip up there!

So, I'll have to update with pictures at a later time of our picnic because for some reason, I can't find them in our computer and the CD Danielle made me is in storage I think...So sucky!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Finishing up our Washington trip

Seriously, I need to catch up. I have plans of printing this out at the end of the year and using it as our family journal, so I need to keep up to date! Anywho, on Sunday, in Washington, we were running late for church, so we decided to spend the remaining of Sacrament meeting taking family pictures in the pretty grassy are right next to the church!

Carter unfortuneately hated nursery here like he does at home, so I had to stay there with him. If anyone has any tips to help me with him in nursery, I would greatly appreciate it. Let me start by saying that he asks to take a nap before we leave for church and we have to tell him he can take one AFTER church. Well, as soon as someone says the closing prayer in sacrament meeting, he'll stand up and say, "Yay!" and do a little dance. He'll then want me to hold him and say, "Bye, bye!" and point towards the door. So, of course we then take him to nursery and tell him church isn't over yet. Well, as soon as we step foot in nursery, he starts crying and continues to cry until we leave. Justin has been staying in there with him since I have my primary calling, but he cries on and off the whole time. I don't know what to do! Poor kid...he's just tired.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Owen Beach

Here's pictures of our fun visit to Owen Beach! We (by we I mean Danielle and I) of course tortured the boys by finding cute spots to take family pictures! There were lots of pretty spots too! Carter wouldn't put his feet in the water because the little rocky sand kept getting in there under his feet! But then, when we put his tennis shoes on, he wanted his sandals back on! What a picky, he finally was happy when cousin Keagan let him borrow his socks and play in the soft sand. Seriously, though, he gets sand on himself ALL THE TIME in his sandbox...maybe he thought this sand was different...I swear he gets in these moods sometimes where he hates his hands and stuff to be dirty. Even Princess Libby knew what was up and played in the sand =)Anywho, it was a fun time eating lunch there!

So, clearly this place had lots of pretty scenery and we found ourselves going into a little wooded area where the little boys found sticks and Danielle and I could take pretty pictures!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day

I am finally going to do part of my post for Memorial Day weekend! We had so much fun going to visit Jason, Danielle, and kiddies! It was a surprise for Jason from Danielle, but it was clearly a treat for all of us since we are best buddies and love spending time together! So, thank you again, Danielle, it was AWESOME! We were supposed to have a red eye flight that arrived in Washington at 12:30am. Already thinking it won't be that fun with Carter, our plane was delayed 2 HOURS!!! Luckily Carter did sleep on the flight, but we had to no longer let Jason think his mother-in-law was coming because otherwise he wouldn't have picked us rude! Ha ha. So, we didn't even get to Jason and Danielle's until 4am-ish! They were nice enough to give us their room, though, so we got a little sleep before our little monster woke up =) Here's some pictures of when we were hanging out at the apartment, but there will clearly be more posts and more pictures of our many adventures over the weekend.

Carter just had a blast with his cousin, Keagan!
Danielle and I (don't worry, we take lots of these pictures together)
Danielle and Libbykins...what a doll!
Dude, can we say HOT?! I think so...
Libby and Carter taking time out for drinks!

What a cute little man

I just had to write this down because it was so cute. Carter has been learning to say "please" and "thank you" lately, to start with, and he is doing very well! We were eating lunch downstairs and he said he was all done so I got him out and he kept climbing, rolling all over me while I was still eating, which is what he'll do when he's tired. So, here's how our little conversation went:
Me: "Are you tired and ready for a nap?"
Carter: "Yeah"
(pause with more rolling while I take another bite)
Carter: "Car-car" (This is what he calls himself)
Me: "Carter? You want Carter to go to sleep?"
Carter, standing up straight with a big grin: "Yeah, please!"
I just love how he looks forward to his naps...he gets so excited when I've "discovered" how tired he is and am going to put him down for a nap. And yesterday, he kept telling me to turn off the light so he could go to sleep. (His room isn't as dark with the lights off as he likes, I guess!) This little guy just puts a smile on my face every day!