Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day

I am finally going to do part of my post for Memorial Day weekend! We had so much fun going to visit Jason, Danielle, and kiddies! It was a surprise for Jason from Danielle, but it was clearly a treat for all of us since we are best buddies and love spending time together! So, thank you again, Danielle, it was AWESOME! We were supposed to have a red eye flight that arrived in Washington at 12:30am. Already thinking it won't be that fun with Carter, our plane was delayed 2 HOURS!!! Luckily Carter did sleep on the flight, but we had to no longer let Jason think his mother-in-law was coming because otherwise he wouldn't have picked us rude! Ha ha. So, we didn't even get to Jason and Danielle's until 4am-ish! They were nice enough to give us their room, though, so we got a little sleep before our little monster woke up =) Here's some pictures of when we were hanging out at the apartment, but there will clearly be more posts and more pictures of our many adventures over the weekend.

Carter just had a blast with his cousin, Keagan!
Danielle and I (don't worry, we take lots of these pictures together)
Danielle and Libbykins...what a doll!
Dude, can we say HOT?! I think so...
Libby and Carter taking time out for drinks!

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Sarah and Colin said...

hwy Elder.... i mean Travis... Remember me Sister Edson (your favorite sister missionary. Holly i dont think you know me, but you know my husband Colin and ive known Aaron for a looooong time! Good to see you guys! Cute Family!

Sarah Farmer