Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Potty Training

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time, because it is hilarious....Carter is the funniest kid to potty train. It's kind of annoying sometimes because he jokes around too much on the potty when we're in a hurry to get somewhere. But after I got back from my trip, he suddenly decided his was gonna go #2 in the potty, which he was pretty resistant to before. He decided his reward should be getting a video taken of himself, and this video is the product of that. He loves watching these and thinks he's so hilarious. So, sorry for the repeat of the phrase, "I pooped!" over and over, but hey, that's what happens when you live in potty training land, right? Here's a funny little conversation from this morning when Carter flushed the toilet:

Carter: "Bye bye, poop!"

Mommy: "Bye bye, poop!"

Carter: "Huh?" (PS: sometimes if I repeat something he said, he asks me "what" like, "Why are you saying that too?"

Mommy: "Yep, your poop went bye bye down the toilet."

Carter: "To Grandma's house?"

Thought that was kinda funny he thought his poop was being flushed away to Grandma's house.

Modeling Gig

A few weeks ago, I got an awesome opportunity while I was at church! One of my friends I've known since we moved out here over ten years ago, Alina, approached me at church. She knew I used to do some modeling and asked if I would be interested getting back into it. Well, I am certainly interested because the jobs really don't last long and it pays well =) So, she called me later that night to give me all the details because they needed one more model last minute for a 20's photo shoot in LA. It was to be shot at the Magic Castle and sounded way fun! So, I decided to go, even though I was scared out of my mind to leave Carter a couple nights (I've never left him before!). But my mom was willing to take him during the day and then Justin would get him at night, of course. So, I am so thankful for my awesome family and supporting this little adventure because it was quite fun for me! Once I get the actual pictures back from the photographer, I can post those, but for now, these were just taken with my little camera!
Cute Amber getting her hair done by Tony...he was awesome!
Little adjustments going on
All of us out to dinner after our day of shooting
Yep, they cut my hair...and this is what happens when I have a huge hotel room all to myself...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A few weeks ago, we all went to a fun annual activity called "Balloonapalooza." They started it at a big park here the year Carter was born and we went on our first family outing when he was 2 weeks old =) Here's a picture of us back then:

Carter's so small, you can't even see him! Well, he's obviously a lot bigger this time, being a whole two years old and got to go on some of the rides this year! It has become a fun family tradition for us and our group grows bigger every year it seems like! This year, we were watching our friend's little boy, Talan, and Carter loved having him around too. Keagan was super brave going on all the big rides...he even picked one that was a little scary for him, but he was a champ!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Carter is Two!

Finally I am getting Carter's pictures up from his birthday! His birthday was actually September 8 and we had fun with our immediate family over to make individual pizzas and play! It was a great time for everybody, I think! Carter especially enjoyed all of his cousins, of course! Here are a few things that Carter enjoys doing at his fun age of two:

1. Dancing his "Mexican Salsa" dance as we call it. He puts a hand bent up and the other fist at his elbow like a salsa dancer and hops around in a circle. OR dances a little chicken wing dance with one arm.
2. Counting, which usually goes as follows, "one, free, five, eight, nine, eight, nine."
3. Saying, "What are you doing Mommy/Daddy?"
4. Asking "Why" over and over about EVERYTHING (i.e. "What's that?" "A car." "Why?")
5. He's started singing a lot of songs and loves it. Usually just sings the last word of each phrase
6. "Who's knock-knocking on my door?"
7. Carries a gun or sword around non-stop, especially when bad guys are on TV
8. Loves his "Car shoes" that light up with Lightning McQueen
9. Farts his armpit by flapping his arm and making a noise with his mouth.