Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A few weeks ago, we all went to a fun annual activity called "Balloonapalooza." They started it at a big park here the year Carter was born and we went on our first family outing when he was 2 weeks old =) Here's a picture of us back then:

Carter's so small, you can't even see him! Well, he's obviously a lot bigger this time, being a whole two years old and got to go on some of the rides this year! It has become a fun family tradition for us and our group grows bigger every year it seems like! This year, we were watching our friend's little boy, Talan, and Carter loved having him around too. Keagan was super brave going on all the big rides...he even picked one that was a little scary for him, but he was a champ!


Jason and Danielle said...

so cute and seriously Talan's face is cracking me up it was like he wa sposing with his smiles.

Jason and Danielle said...

now I need to catch up on my scrapbooking

Wilson Family said...

I love all of your scrapbook pages. You do a great job. You guys look like you have so much fun. I can't believe Carter is two. We miss you and hope you are doing well.