Monday, October 6, 2008

Carter is Two!

Finally I am getting Carter's pictures up from his birthday! His birthday was actually September 8 and we had fun with our immediate family over to make individual pizzas and play! It was a great time for everybody, I think! Carter especially enjoyed all of his cousins, of course! Here are a few things that Carter enjoys doing at his fun age of two:

1. Dancing his "Mexican Salsa" dance as we call it. He puts a hand bent up and the other fist at his elbow like a salsa dancer and hops around in a circle. OR dances a little chicken wing dance with one arm.
2. Counting, which usually goes as follows, "one, free, five, eight, nine, eight, nine."
3. Saying, "What are you doing Mommy/Daddy?"
4. Asking "Why" over and over about EVERYTHING (i.e. "What's that?" "A car." "Why?")
5. He's started singing a lot of songs and loves it. Usually just sings the last word of each phrase
6. "Who's knock-knocking on my door?"
7. Carries a gun or sword around non-stop, especially when bad guys are on TV
8. Loves his "Car shoes" that light up with Lightning McQueen
9. Farts his armpit by flapping his arm and making a noise with his mouth.


Jason and Danielle said...

super cute it is about time holly gosh! ha ha love you sis!

Andrea... said...

Only a month behind are we? Just kidding. Love the scrapbooking pages. Cant believe its another birthday this weekend too? Look out world Keagan is turning 4! haha.
TTYL! Love ya!