Thursday, July 30, 2009

We also just got back from our first trip with Kelsie. Well, it was me, the kiddos, my mom and Robert to go to my cousin, Summer's wedding. But I forgot to actually put my memory card back in my camera so I have few pictures from our trip. I need to get copies from my mom because I don't even have a picture of Summer and her hubby! How sad!

Pam and Kelsie

Aaron and Kade

Carter with a lemon from Pam's tree

My grandma and Kelsie

So, now we are just trying to relax, get our backyard kid-friendly and counting down to our family vacation to San Diego over Labor Day weekend. Justin's best friend from high school is getting married and we're staying extra to have some fun!

Carter so strong helping Justin in the backyard to get ready for some serious fort building by him and Justin

Our little girl is getting so big! I know she's gonna start laughing any day and we can't wait for it! She talks so much and is very smiley =) What a cutie! She was 10 lbs 13 oz at her 2 month visit on Monday and 22 3/4" long!

A couple weeks ago, we also had Grandma Wagasky come over to watch Kelsie so we could take Carter to see the new Transformers movie. It was a fun, special outing for him and the movie was awesome! He got so excited when he first saw Optimus Prime come in to fight the bad guys! He did good, but since it's so long, towards the end he started asking when we would be going home. But, he started playing with his Bumblebee toy we brought in and he was good to go for the rest =) After all, he is a super-sonic-bad-guy-blaster! That, apparently, is still what people are calling him.
Also, July 10 was Nicole's birthday...the big 28!!! She's now officially in her late twenties...ha ha! Love you sis! We had a lot of fun...Carter was kicking around in the water, but pretty shortly after he started said. "Me all freezing!" He's like Justin and never gets used to the water, so they both freeze to death when we swim. Kelsie had fun outside too, and I'm sure loved the attention of being passed around like a little hot potato, like always! Everyone loves the babies!!!
And for all of you wondering how she's doing, since Nicole stinks at updating her blog (haha), I will update you! She is going crazy taking classes and is very close to being able to start teaching! She hangs out with her little man, Hayden, who is also doing well and will be starting 2nd grade this fall as well as being of baptism age in October!

Damian, Rena, Kelsie and Justin

Damian, Kelsie and Rena

Carter and I getting in the pool.

My gorgeous mom and I

Nicole blowing out the bonfire on her cake...notice the big glow coming off of it...okay, okay, I'll stop teasing her now.

Eastenn Shane Wagasky

So, this is a few weeks late, but better late than never! On July 7, our nephew, Eastenn Shane, was born to Andrea and Shane! I'm pretty sure he was 6 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches, but correct me if I'm wrong (or just check Shane and Andrea's blog...haha). He spent some time in the NICU, but he has been home for a couple weeks now and is doing great! We spent some time with them yesterday and he is getting bigger and is so cute with his little man-do.

Shane and Andrea...proud new parents of their baby boy!

Justin...sideways...playing games on the TV in their room...ha ha
Beautiful Makenze, the new big sister!

Walking down to visit Eastenn

And the little guy himself...isn't he the cutest?

Real 4th of July

So after our crazy outing, we were happy to have a FUN celebration of the 4th at our house with water and a BBQ! Justin built us a swamp cooler in the garage through a few trial and error runs in the morning, but thank goodness because it helped cool Kelsie down and Andrea, since she was ready to burst with baby!!! The kids had a lot of fun in the water, especially with water balloons, and the fireworks afterward was great too! Kelsie was a trooper through the whole thing and didn't cry at the loud fireworks!

The kids having fun in the pool, minus Libby who was sleeping in Carter's bed upstairs!
Carter was lovin' the sparklers!

Danielle, Andrea, Mom Wagasky and Kelsie

Libby, Makenze, Keagan Hayden & Carter eating dinner.

This was hilarious...Andrea and I started cracking up at the way Makenze was just making her Daddy pull her all around in the wagon like a little princess!

As you can see, Nicole got drenched too!

My parents sitting in the shade

Us with our matching flowers...Kelsie's turned out a little on the big side for her head, but oh well, she also shortly after this pic pooped in her holiday dress....nice

Justin filling up water Carter was pestering him the whole time to fill up MORE!

Carter holding the flowers I painted =) After he helped me make blue rice krispie treats!


To start off the month of July, we went to the city's Independence Day Jubilee...Fun? Not so much. I told Justin at the end that if it wasn't for the fact I was with my family, that was the WORST activity we've ever done. He agreed and I know Danielle did too. We started out by putting our blanket on a nice grassy hill and then I took Carter with Danielle, Keagan and Libby to get some food. Well, we waited in line for a good hour and a annoying! But when we got back, the night just got worse! There was a HUGE crowd of rude teenagers surrounding our blanket. By surrounding I mean literally touching every edge with their heels and randomly stepping right accross it. I was yelling at so many of them and hovering over Carter so he didn't get stepped on. Well, then someone came and was holding a cigarrette right over Kelsie's head!!! That was the last straw for me, I couldn't handle the stress of where we were sitting. I felt like we were going to get trampled, so when Justin got back from getting drinks, we moved, but it took a few moves to where we were cleared from smoking people...yuck! We got to watch fireworks at the end, which was the only fun part, as then getting out of there afterward was insane. So, the pictures look like we're having fun, but really it was the craziest outing I've ever experienced and won't be repeated next year!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yesterday, my mom invited Carter over for a swim playdate at her house (what an awesome grandma!). When I was dropping him off he said, "Super sonic bad guy blaster!" as he was getting out of the car. I repeated what he had said and he replied, "Yeah, that's my real name. That's just what they call me." Awesome...