Thursday, July 30, 2009

Real 4th of July

So after our crazy outing, we were happy to have a FUN celebration of the 4th at our house with water and a BBQ! Justin built us a swamp cooler in the garage through a few trial and error runs in the morning, but thank goodness because it helped cool Kelsie down and Andrea, since she was ready to burst with baby!!! The kids had a lot of fun in the water, especially with water balloons, and the fireworks afterward was great too! Kelsie was a trooper through the whole thing and didn't cry at the loud fireworks!

The kids having fun in the pool, minus Libby who was sleeping in Carter's bed upstairs!
Carter was lovin' the sparklers!

Danielle, Andrea, Mom Wagasky and Kelsie

Libby, Makenze, Keagan Hayden & Carter eating dinner.

This was hilarious...Andrea and I started cracking up at the way Makenze was just making her Daddy pull her all around in the wagon like a little princess!

As you can see, Nicole got drenched too!

My parents sitting in the shade

Us with our matching flowers...Kelsie's turned out a little on the big side for her head, but oh well, she also shortly after this pic pooped in her holiday dress....nice

Justin filling up water Carter was pestering him the whole time to fill up MORE!

Carter holding the flowers I painted =) After he helped me make blue rice krispie treats!

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