Thursday, July 30, 2009

We also just got back from our first trip with Kelsie. Well, it was me, the kiddos, my mom and Robert to go to my cousin, Summer's wedding. But I forgot to actually put my memory card back in my camera so I have few pictures from our trip. I need to get copies from my mom because I don't even have a picture of Summer and her hubby! How sad!

Pam and Kelsie

Aaron and Kade

Carter with a lemon from Pam's tree

My grandma and Kelsie

So, now we are just trying to relax, get our backyard kid-friendly and counting down to our family vacation to San Diego over Labor Day weekend. Justin's best friend from high school is getting married and we're staying extra to have some fun!

Carter so strong helping Justin in the backyard to get ready for some serious fort building by him and Justin

Our little girl is getting so big! I know she's gonna start laughing any day and we can't wait for it! She talks so much and is very smiley =) What a cutie! She was 10 lbs 13 oz at her 2 month visit on Monday and 22 3/4" long!


Jason and Danielle said...

that is my favorite outfit on Kelsie I so need to get a pic of it before she out grows it!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

It was great to see you and your cute kids last week. Wish we could have talked more.