Thursday, July 30, 2009

Also, July 10 was Nicole's birthday...the big 28!!! She's now officially in her late twenties...ha ha! Love you sis! We had a lot of fun...Carter was kicking around in the water, but pretty shortly after he started said. "Me all freezing!" He's like Justin and never gets used to the water, so they both freeze to death when we swim. Kelsie had fun outside too, and I'm sure loved the attention of being passed around like a little hot potato, like always! Everyone loves the babies!!!
And for all of you wondering how she's doing, since Nicole stinks at updating her blog (haha), I will update you! She is going crazy taking classes and is very close to being able to start teaching! She hangs out with her little man, Hayden, who is also doing well and will be starting 2nd grade this fall as well as being of baptism age in October!

Damian, Rena, Kelsie and Justin

Damian, Kelsie and Rena

Carter and I getting in the pool.

My gorgeous mom and I

Nicole blowing out the bonfire on her cake...notice the big glow coming off of it...okay, okay, I'll stop teasing her now.

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Jason and Danielle said...

look at you hottie in the pool