Monday, September 14, 2009

Vacation...So Nice!!!

Since we were already headed to San Diego on a long holiday weekend, we decided to make a family vacation of it and it was so fun! I know Landon and Shannon had this in mind for out of towners when they planned the date, and thanks, because we had a blast staying extra! Saturday, we woke up and got ready to go to Sea World! Carter was so excited to see Shamu and ride the rides. So as soon as we got there, our first order of business seemed, logically, to see Shamu since there was a show about to start. Well, it was possibly better to have waited because they don't let you bring your own food and drinks into the park (and, yes they do check your bag), so we were without those items heading into the show. Carter immediately started whining that he was thirsty because it was so humid and hot, and when we couldn't get the drink person's attention, he started saying he wanted to go home, which was frustrating for Justin and I, since we were all excited to take him here. Anyway, after we got the drink thing settled, things started looking up!After enduring the whining through Shamu (although we still did enjoy the show), we decided it would be best to head over to the Sesame Street Bay of Play. The characters were out, singing on the ship when we arrived and Carter was so excited all his fave Sesame Street characters were there! He couldn't wait to take his picture with Elmo. Then, they had so many other fun things for kids in this area, it was awesome! His favorite was climbing up all the nets into the huge treehouse thing with bridges and such going over the sprayground below. He would sing the "Spiderman" song to himself the whole time because he said he felt like Spiderman climbing the webs!

We walked around and saw all the animals we wanted to see. Justin and I had a good laugh watching the penguins. They are such funny, cute little creatures. There was one in particular that caught our eye that was just standing against the back fence thing looking down over it. I'm sure you had to be there to see the humor in this funny bird staring and standing perfectly still for a good hour since he was still there when we went back through. Anyway, Carter fell asleep in the stroller and we had to wake him up because they don't allow you to take your stroller into 90% of the exhibits. Oh man, that was a bad idea waking him up, he was mad! We ended up leaving the polar bear exhibit like this: But it was nothing a little cotton candy and relaxing back in the stroller couldn't fix! My camera died shortly after this picture too, which was very sad =( But we bought a disposable camera to take to the beach the next day, which as soon as I get them back on disc, I'll post pics. We had a blast at the beach on Sunday and then drove back home and arrived at around 9 at night. The kids were awesome in the car and had so much fun on our vacation. We asked Carter what his favorite part was and he replied, "Shamu and the polar bears." Hmmm...the two ugliest parts for us as he was whining and/or crying through those events, but hey, I guess he ended up enjoying himself! Ha ha...I personally think he loved rolling in the sand at the beach and climbing the ropes at Sea World the best, but who am I to make such a judgment.

A Love Story

Last weekend (Labor Day) we drove out to San Diego for Justin's best friend from high school, Landon's wedding. The wedding took place on Friday and Justin was one of the groomsmen. I had got us all outfits to match the wedding colors/Justin at the wedding. It was pretty fun, seeing at it was the first time I matched all four of us. A little side note, though, that it is so challenging to find dress clothes for little boys. Does anyone else have this problem? If anyone has somewhere that carries cute dress clothes for toddler boys, please share! And I made Kelsie's cute dress in, like, 20 minutes! I have plans to post this cute "pattern" for a girl's dress because it was super easy and turned out really cute!
Anywho, Landon and Shannon met over 9 years ago, I believe, and so it was so exciting to see them finally get married. There were lots of jokes made about how it took them so long and then the song, "Another On Bites The Dust" was playing as they exited down the aisle. It was so funny. Their little dog, Zeus, was assistant ring bearer, which was really cute too. We had a great time at the wedding and are so happy for them =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

Today is our Carter John's birthday! So I couldn't go without doing a post on him. I just can't say enough about this little guy. He is the sweetest, most awesome little dude any mommy and daddy could ask for! He came in at 6:45 this morning dancing and chanting, "I'm three, I'm three!" It was pretty funny. He is so excited to be three and is such a big boy now! I can't believe it...He is such a big helper all the time and he opens doors for strangers in public, and is just so sweet and polite. When he was opening his presents, he would say, "Awww, thanks guys! This is so awesome. Thank you mommy and daddy!" He just kept thanking us all night for his gifts and when he made a wish on his cupcake candle, he said, "I wish I will marry my mommy." What a cute boy we have!
Happy Birthday, Buddy! We love you!

Pictures soon will follow of his fun birthday activities and of our trip over this past weekend to San Diego! I have to load and edit them all.

Babies everywhere!

With Andrea and I both having our babies this summer, there are just babies everywhere it seems like when we get together! We recently had them over for FHE and then they invited us over to watch the UFC fight the weekend before last. We have lots of fun hanging out together since Carter and Makenze are the same age and then Kelsie and Eastenn are so close in age! What cute little kiddies!

Little munchkins relaxing for a moment on Shane and Andrea's bed

Brothers hanging out watching the fight...and Kelsie's joining the boys!

Carter was excited to hold little Eastenn...especially always talks about how, "Kenze has a baby just like me!"

Summer Park Days

Well, soon it will be ending summer, and we will be missing playing in the water at the park, but we always have a good time at the park! Especially with our park buddies, Danielle, Keagan and Libby! Carter always asks if they'll be there when I tell him we're going to a park, which the answer is usually YES! Carter has gotten pretty brave with the water this summer and eventually will venture in to get wet.

Random August Happenings

Carter started Karate last week at the rec center! He loved his first class and can't wait to go back again. We just have to remind him no using his "moves" on anybody.
Kelsie is getting so big! She's discovered her hands and rolled over about two weeks ago! She's the happiest little girl and LOVES to giggle at her daddy. Definitely a Daddy's girl already, which Justin is just eating up!

Our tenants abandoned our other house, but left us with a cute kitchen set for our kiddos! Carter loves "cooking" me things every day!

Justin took me on a date to the crab buffet!!! I loved it, of course...what a sweet husband. He's allergic, so he didn't enjoy the yummy food as much as I did, but we had a lot of fun being alone!
And Justin got his much wanted gun safe he's been wanting since before we were married...he sure deserves it the way he's been working lately! It's a beast weighing in at 455 lbs, but man, he was like a little kid that just got back from the candy store when he brought it home!