Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

Today is our Carter John's birthday! So I couldn't go without doing a post on him. I just can't say enough about this little guy. He is the sweetest, most awesome little dude any mommy and daddy could ask for! He came in at 6:45 this morning dancing and chanting, "I'm three, I'm three!" It was pretty funny. He is so excited to be three and is such a big boy now! I can't believe it...He is such a big helper all the time and he opens doors for strangers in public, and is just so sweet and polite. When he was opening his presents, he would say, "Awww, thanks guys! This is so awesome. Thank you mommy and daddy!" He just kept thanking us all night for his gifts and when he made a wish on his cupcake candle, he said, "I wish I will marry my mommy." What a cute boy we have!
Happy Birthday, Buddy! We love you!

Pictures soon will follow of his fun birthday activities and of our trip over this past weekend to San Diego! I have to load and edit them all.