Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random August Happenings

Carter started Karate last week at the rec center! He loved his first class and can't wait to go back again. We just have to remind him no using his "moves" on anybody.
Kelsie is getting so big! She's discovered her hands and rolled over about two weeks ago! She's the happiest little girl and LOVES to giggle at her daddy. Definitely a Daddy's girl already, which Justin is just eating up!

Our tenants abandoned our other house, but left us with a cute kitchen set for our kiddos! Carter loves "cooking" me things every day!

Justin took me on a date to the crab buffet!!! I loved it, of course...what a sweet husband. He's allergic, so he didn't enjoy the yummy food as much as I did, but we had a lot of fun being alone!
And Justin got his much wanted gun safe he's been wanting since before we were married...he sure deserves it the way he's been working lately! It's a beast weighing in at 455 lbs, but man, he was like a little kid that just got back from the candy store when he brought it home!


Jason and Danielle said...

I forgot he had started his karate class I am glad he love sit so much and we love that you are our park buddies too!

Jason and Danielle said...

and I love the picture of libby in her swim suit she looks so precious