Monday, September 14, 2009

A Love Story

Last weekend (Labor Day) we drove out to San Diego for Justin's best friend from high school, Landon's wedding. The wedding took place on Friday and Justin was one of the groomsmen. I had got us all outfits to match the wedding colors/Justin at the wedding. It was pretty fun, seeing at it was the first time I matched all four of us. A little side note, though, that it is so challenging to find dress clothes for little boys. Does anyone else have this problem? If anyone has somewhere that carries cute dress clothes for toddler boys, please share! And I made Kelsie's cute dress in, like, 20 minutes! I have plans to post this cute "pattern" for a girl's dress because it was super easy and turned out really cute!
Anywho, Landon and Shannon met over 9 years ago, I believe, and so it was so exciting to see them finally get married. There were lots of jokes made about how it took them so long and then the song, "Another On Bites The Dust" was playing as they exited down the aisle. It was so funny. Their little dog, Zeus, was assistant ring bearer, which was really cute too. We had a great time at the wedding and are so happy for them =)


Nickell said...

Burlington Coat Factory. It's where I found Kade's suit found here.....

I also got him another one recently. Also, Old Navy had some stuff like white collared shirts and khaki slacks etc. I've also heard that Children's Place is a good place for that too. I haven't ever been because I can't really afford it so much but I've been told they have stuff there.

Jason and Danielle said...

I am still very jealous but hey your family pictures turned out so good!