Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jason and Danielle are finally here!

It's true...and they've been here for 2 weeks now! We've had so much fun already doing lots of activities and getting the kids used to living together. Mostly Carter since Keagan and Libby are used to having each other around constantly already! Carter has definately had some adjusting, but I think he's done really well and hasn't really backtracked on his potty training at all, which I'm really excited about! Sharing is of course the biggest issue, but they're all getting along quite nicely! Yay! Here's some cute pictures of their first day or so here...I'll post more as I explain our different events =)

The Keagan-ator

Carter and I

Sweet little Libbycakes!

Pioneer Days

I REALLY need to get caught up on my blog before it overwhelms me too much and I give up...ha ha. Who am I kidding...I would never give it up! Sooo much has happened since I last posted, so I will start with our first "activity" which was Pioneer Days2 weeks ago. Our stake has this fun weekend activity every year that starts with a dinner on Friday and then continues with a carnival type thing on Saturday to celebrate the Pioneers. We only went on Friday night this year because Justin had to work and I was watching a friend's little boy and I wasn't brave enough to tote around two 2-year-olds at a busy place like that! But we had fun on Friday, other than the INSANE amount of flies that were trying to devour our food!