Monday, January 26, 2009

It's official

Well, this year for my birthday, I had the best present ever! I had an ultrasound where Justin got to see that for SURE we are having a girl. So, he's accepted that fact now =) Ha ha. I was so excited because the ultrasound lady told us she was 13 ounces and she measured her little foot for us! It's one inch cute is that?! I couldn't wait to buy little girl stuff, but we have no money so I'm forced to wait. But my cute husband was sneaky and went and bought the cutest little pink sleeper with ruffles on the butt. Did I mention that's my favorite feature ever on little girl's clothes? Carter loved seeing the baby on the TV and has totally adopted her as "his baby" now. We didn't ever call her that, but now he likes to pick out pink stuff at the store and says, "My baby likes that." Or the other day we were going to the park and he told me I should get on the tire swing because, "My baby likes tire swings." I asked him what he thought we should name the baby and he said, "Dirty." Note to self: don't get a 2-year-old's opinion on naming babies. But the top pick right now is Kelsie Louise. Justin won't 100% commit until the very end I'm sure, but I told him he just needs to accept the fact that I think of good names for our kids.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

This year has been one of many interesting experiences for us, and we've had a lot of fun =) We are excited for the new year and FINALLY closed on our house this week! Yay!!! So, we have a great new beginning to this year being able to move into our new house and anticipate the arrival of the newest member of our family! Here's some highlights from each month of this year: (I totally am stealing this idea from my cute cousin, Amber...and Nickell)

I turned 23!

Our two cute nieces turned 1! (I only have a picture from Makenze's birthday since Libby was still living in Washington)


Justin helped out his mom with her wood floors and she finished her long awaited work she was doing on her house!
One of my best friends, Whitney, came into town and I got to meet Crew!


We had 500 different Easter's a picture from each (don't be scared, 500 was an exaggeration)This one was from California with my grandparents where we got my Grandpa to successfully speak Donald Duck to us =)

We had a small Easter egg hunt at Shane and Andrea's especially for Carter & Makenze
Carter fell in love with Ella, Justin's aunt and uncle's dog, at their house

AND we celebrated with my parents at their house! WHEW!!! And Carter thoroughly enjoyed hunting for eggs this year.

We got a visit from Justin's nieces and nephew, who live in California
We went to Colorado with Justin's mom, where Carter got licked by a baby bear.
We FINALLY got a bike seat for Carter, which I had been begging for.


Justin turned 27 We caught some tadpoles, which turned into frogs, and died because I couldn't figure out what to feed them...sorry frogs

Grandma Bert came to town and we all went golfing for Robert's birthday
We had a couple week-long visit from our nephew, Damian AKA "Bummy" named by Carter
We moved in with Justin's mom

Mom Wagasky got tickets to see Reba and let me go with her!

We had a super fun 4th of July at Shane and Andrea's


Justin's Mom and Dad were sealed in the temple, along with Justin & his two brothers

Jason and Danielle came back rom Washington before Jason got deployed again
Hayden graduated from Kindergarten


We took the kids to Balloonapalooza, where Carter got to go on some rides for the first time. We also found out that day we were expecting baby #2!

I got the opportunity to go on a modeling shoot in LA

Carter turned two!

We went on a super fun camping trip to Pioche

Justin was an outlaw and I a hillbilly for Halloween
Carter chose for me to make him a pirate costume for Halloween
Before becoming a hillbilly, Danielle and I attempted dressing 80's, which everyone seemed to just think we temporarily forgot how to dress and do our hair...
We took Carter to the theatres for the first time to see HSM3!

Our poor camera was getting fixed, so I have no pictures in my computer, but we had an awesome Thanksgiving!

We had a super fun Christmas and Carter was very happy to get his "blue choo-choo train and green choo-choo train" he asked Santa for.
Carter got to ride a pony at Winterfest, "Boots"
Carter finished his gymnastics class for the rest of the year.
We visited the Old Mormon Fort

We hope everyone else had an awesome 2008 and an awesome 2009!!!