Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to the mall

This last Wednesday, I had to take a trip to Henderson to return some stuff Justin bought at the Gap there. He had bought these kids shirts he thought were on sale, but when he was checking out to be $22.50 each! For a little kids shirt, that's crazy! So, since my husband would rather just pay for it and have me take it back later, that's exactly what happened! What a crazy husband I have =) But, this is the same quirky-ness that also makes him leave the room during awkward moments in movies...ha ha
Anyway, Andrea met me out there with Makenze and Eastenn and we had a good time! We had a few good laughs, first because we drive the exact same car, have the same car seat covers and kids exactly the same age. We decided we should dress exactly the same and do our hair the same next time too...ha ha. So, this next story made us both laugh too. There was an older lady in the play area that had brought her grand daughter. She came and sat right next to us, so I struck up some conversation with her. She mentioned, and I quote, "When I come to visit, I take care of my granddaughter." So, naturally I inquired, "Oh, where are you from?" Her reply, "Las Vegas, Nevada." Andrea and I were laughing good and hard about that, she's from the city we were in at that moment? Kinda funny...these cute older folks sometimes! Ha ha...or maybe it's just our sleep deprived selves that thought it was funny.

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Jason and Danielle said...

I'll have to come with you guys next time