Monday, August 3, 2009

New recipe

So, I was very excited this last weekend to find a recipe that did not include meat that Justin actually enjoyed! He usually has to have meat with dinner, but not in this case! They are quesadillas and very tasty! The one on the left is before the cheese was put on and both are before the top tortilla was put on. You should try them!

1. Brush bottoms of tortillas with olive oil and place on baking sheet.

2. Mix can of refried beans with salsa (or in my case I just used a diced tomato) and fresh corn cut off a cob (or canned if you wish!)

3. Spread evenly on tortillas (can make up to 4, but I made two thicker ones and used 2/3 can of beans.)

4. Top with broccoli slaw (found in produce section) and cheese (I used Monterey Jack)

5. Finish off with another tortilla with top brushed lightly with olive oil too (I also sprinkled a little salt on top for extra flavor).

6. Bake at 325 for 12-15 minutes.

7. And for everyone with picky kids like me, I just made Carter a normal quesadilla and used the rest of the can of beans on the side and gave him corn separately too. Oh, and he enjoyed dipping the strings from broccoli slaw in ranch!

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