Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Potty Training

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time, because it is hilarious....Carter is the funniest kid to potty train. It's kind of annoying sometimes because he jokes around too much on the potty when we're in a hurry to get somewhere. But after I got back from my trip, he suddenly decided his was gonna go #2 in the potty, which he was pretty resistant to before. He decided his reward should be getting a video taken of himself, and this video is the product of that. He loves watching these and thinks he's so hilarious. So, sorry for the repeat of the phrase, "I pooped!" over and over, but hey, that's what happens when you live in potty training land, right? Here's a funny little conversation from this morning when Carter flushed the toilet:

Carter: "Bye bye, poop!"

Mommy: "Bye bye, poop!"

Carter: "Huh?" (PS: sometimes if I repeat something he said, he asks me "what" like, "Why are you saying that too?"

Mommy: "Yep, your poop went bye bye down the toilet."

Carter: "To Grandma's house?"

Thought that was kinda funny he thought his poop was being flushed away to Grandma's house.


Jason and Danielle said...

I love carter's poop faces. Jason feels very special he got to hear carter poop over the phone. See who said Iraq is too far to feel apart of things :> YEAH CarCar!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

look what I have to look forward to, double of course. What fun. I am impressed with your potty training already. I want to do start soon. Check me out at hardmanlife.blogspot.com

Meg said...

That is great! We are just getting ready to potty train with Ryn, I think she wants to! ugh! How are you? I miss you!
Can I have your home address so I can add you to my Christmas Card List? Pretty please!
Here's my email address: