Thursday, June 5, 2008

Owen Beach

Here's pictures of our fun visit to Owen Beach! We (by we I mean Danielle and I) of course tortured the boys by finding cute spots to take family pictures! There were lots of pretty spots too! Carter wouldn't put his feet in the water because the little rocky sand kept getting in there under his feet! But then, when we put his tennis shoes on, he wanted his sandals back on! What a picky, he finally was happy when cousin Keagan let him borrow his socks and play in the soft sand. Seriously, though, he gets sand on himself ALL THE TIME in his sandbox...maybe he thought this sand was different...I swear he gets in these moods sometimes where he hates his hands and stuff to be dirty. Even Princess Libby knew what was up and played in the sand =)Anywho, it was a fun time eating lunch there!

So, clearly this place had lots of pretty scenery and we found ourselves going into a little wooded area where the little boys found sticks and Danielle and I could take pretty pictures!


Its ME said...

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Hi! Kids, drink palin water enough everyday!
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Sarah and Colin said...

your very talented!!! and i must say that your smile is one of the most gorgeous smiles ive ever seen.... its contagious!!