Friday, September 19, 2008

Date Night

Danielle and I had been planning a fun date for months before they got here that we could surprise the boys with before Jason left. We had decided indoor skydiving would be something fun they've talked about doing together! It was a blast. The boys had so much fun together and looked as excited as little kids in a candy store once they were in the wind tunnel. Us wives had a fun time watching them from the observation area!

We went to Osaka's afterwards also, but my dang camera battery died before we got sad! I hate it when that happens. Dang me for not charging it before hand. Shelly and Troy met up with us there and we all had a really fun time together. Jason drove their rental car for them to the hotel while Danielle rode with us. We had a little singing party in our car taking turns singing "All I wanna Do" by Sugarland...ha ha. Always fun times when Justin's in the mood for loud singing!


Jason and Danielle said...

dang it you updated before me now I am even more behind I love all the cute pages sister!!!!

Whitney said...

OK so I saw on Danielle's myspace that you dyed your hair dark! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look awesome dark! Also.... any new updates on a little bun in the oven? Maybe we will get prego at the same time. Oh yeah! love you! i will call you soon. I miss you!