Friday, September 12, 2008

Recent happenings...

While Jason was still here (before he had to go back to Washington for his deployment) we had lots of fun activities going on! We went swimming a lot at the recreation centers and at family members' pools...thanks guys! Here's some pictures from our swimming trips:

We also went bowling at Texas Station one night while Damian was here...the kids had a lot of fun, not only bowling, but running around the locker room chasing each other and getting chased! Keagan was chasing Justin and Justin climbed on top of the lockers. It was pretty funny! Keagan had a hard time finding him that time. (I wonder where Carter gets his urge to climb from?)

Danielle looked up a fun place before they got here, also, called Bounce You. It's a place with all those air jumper/slide thing-a-ma-bobbers. I don't know what they're called at all, but the pictures will explain it =) The kids had a lot of fun and once Carter conquered the obstacle course, he just wanted to keep going through it over and over. He sat out for a while to eat some gold fish, but got too active right after and kinda threw up a little at the end of the obstacle course. Kinda gross, but hey, the kid was excited!

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