Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My "Big Boy"

Carter has been running around telling me that he's a big boy lately (sounds like "Bee-go Bee!") and I suppose this all started last Wednesday when he started using the big potty! Yay! He's been going about twice a day, but I usually have to let him be naked for a bit and he'll accidentally do a little squirt and then run to the toilet, panting like he's been running for an hour! Ha ha...He tries a lot during the day, but he usually will tell me he has to go right after, or as he's peeing in his diaper. He gets so mad when he's all done or nothing is coming out. He'll poke himself like, "How do I get this thing to work...it was working a minute ago!" It's cute, but I feel bad he gets frustrated about that! He's also been loving taking showers with his daddy. He'll take off his clothes and run into our shower and call, "Daadyyy!" Even if he just took a shower with Justin an hour ago! I couldn't resist taking a picture of his first shower because he just laughs hysterically and loves it so much! His new word this past week is "Wa-wa" and requests the hose, playing in the water, or taking a bath all the time. This child loves water! I'm excited to get him into a pool! Here's some cute pictures recently of my "Bee-go Bee!"

Carter thinks it's so funny to put the butterfly net from Elefun on his head!

Hayden got a scratch on his finger, so Carter kept saying "Owe!" and telling me he needed a Band-Aid too! This is them showing off their band-aids =)
Carter loves helping me clean. He's my little helper and neat freak!
These boys were so funny using this laundry basket to watch "Cars"
This is Carter telling his Dad he just went potty! Yay! (He's listening very intently)

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