Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My man is 27!!!

Justin's birthday is today! But we celebrated it first on Saturday with going to see Ironman together! We don't get to the movies very often anymore, so it was a real treat since the movie was so good! We both really liked it and had a good time. Can I just make one comment on how rediculously expensive refreshments are?! It cost us $15.00 for a popcorn and 2 drinks! We usually bring our own stuff, but we were running late and hadn't had dinner yet! Dang those greedy people!
Yesterday was the bigger celebration, though with our family and Justin got his presents. My parents pitched in and helped me buy him an olympic weight system, since they're so expensive. It was hard to try and hide what it was underneath a big sheet! He asked if he could "open it" before anyone arrived and I said no, but I turn around and there he was peeking under the sheet! What a cheater! He was way excited, though and loved all his other presents too! The birthday boy excited to open presents!
Had to do the manly thing and show his mad skills!
Pumping some iron like Daddy!
What a stud in Uncle Robert's hat!
Carter helped himself to opening one of Daddy's presents! Apparenlt Carter decided he needed a break! He sat in there and rocked for a while and drank some water! Silly boy!
Carter was all about helping blow out the candles!
Hayden helping him check out his presents!

We ended his celebration with some grilled jalepino burgers and some Golden Spoon frozen yogurt today for his actual birthday! I love this man so much and hope he had an awesome birthday! Smooches!!!

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JDwags said...

hey where's our invite and did you do curtains in the kitchen? Super cute!