Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Movie In The Park

This last Friday, we FINALLY went to the Movie In The Park event they do in our neighborhood. We've never gone because it usually starts later (8 or something) when it gets dark (bedtime, not so good timing). But, since it's been getting dark earlier, we were able to go. They were showing Ghostbusters! Woo-hoo! Love that movie, I was totally singing the, "Dun du du du du du, dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-du. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!" Maxi was looking forward to this for weeks; as she said while we were walking, "I have never seen a movie in a garden before!" Carter and Kelsie love being outside in general, so it was LOVELY! It had rained earlier in the day, but luckily the grass had dried up by the time we got there.

We bought some $5 pizzas from Little Caesar's, cut up some oranges, brought some drinks, and we were good to go! It was perfect weather and was so nice to just sit and enjoy the great outdoors with a good ol' movie! They had a craft for the kids too and gave away free glowsticks, which was very awesome both for spotting my children in the dark and a good entertainment tool!
Carter holding his marshmallow man

Hayden, Mikayla, and Kelsie

Kelsie wanted to be by Aunt Nicole!

Justin and Carter eating pizza
Emma and Sophia
Maxi and I

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Jason and Danielle said...

How fun! I am sorry we missed it. and that is disgusting about the scaps in your tagged post. Really scabs? but you hate boogers? you are so weird:>