Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Visits!

Don't you just love when you get visits from family? I know we do, especially ones we haven't seen in a while! Justin's sister, Shelly, came into town this last week (she lives in Chicago) and we were so happy to have her! Also, our two nieces, Emma and Sophia, were here! I dragged Shelly to my early morning Saturday Zumba class I teach at the church and we also got her and the two girls going with us the following Tuesday! Woo-hoo! YAY ZUMBA! Ha ha, okay, I'm done with my shout-out. So the Thursday after Shelly arrived we had invited her and Mom W over for dinner with us for some oh-so-yummy ribs! I love those things! Well, when Justin's twin brother heard what we were all eating together, he decided they should be part of this action too (and who could blame him, you can't go wrong with ribs). So, their family came over and joined us as well and added some steak to the feast! It was a party =) Here are pictures from
that evening:
Aunt Shelly with Danielle and cute little Libby
Kelsie was all about sitting on Aunt Danielle's lap, dipping her dessert in the milk and sipping out of the straw, too bad half the dessert didn't end up in her mouth! Ha ha
The kids were running around like screaming banshee's exactly 5.5 seconds before the TV was flipped on, milk was handed out and the picture was taken.
And one last one to include. This is Kelsie every day. She's always throwing her arms around me in desperation saying, "Mommy, mommy, MOMMY!!!" It's oh so cute...she says her little words so good and looks so darn cute, how could anyone resist this sweet face?


Amber said...

Those eyes, that face! She is gorgeous. I would not be able to resist her either :)

Jason and Danielle said...

I love all the pictures. Who Holly that is like three posts this month. WHAT! Awesome. Love you have a fun trip this week:>