Friday, March 20, 2009

I hate pigeons

Well, almost two weeks ago, we decided to finally go outside and try to fix our poor front lawn. We had bought grass seed and soil and Justin got to work on trying to even out the ground and get all the annoying weeds out. We were kinda hoping the grass that was there would eventually come back to life, but our HOA was getting impatient with us, so we got to work! Carter loves being outside AND absolutely loves helping, so he loved this project! But, after all our hard work, the stupid pigeons flocked over and ate all our seeds!!! Dumb birds...Justin calls them flying rats and it's so true. They are the most annoying little creatures. So, this weekend we have to do the front yard AGAIN and this time we're just going to lay down sod.
Justin also cut down all the dead trees in the backyard this week. I was worried to cut one down because it had a nest in there and there were always a bunch of sparrows, but there was nothing in the nest, so we just had to cut it down. Carter brought out his tools too to help Daddy and while I was watering the live plants, he came up to me with his saw and said, "Mommy, don't touch that. It's really, really sharp and if you touch it you'll get big owies. This is only for boys so don't touch it." Ha ha....that was pretty funny. Well, hey, he's put two and two together that the only tool I use is a hammer and screwdriver (which he pronounces "googobber"). Big power tools are for the boys in this family =)

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Meg said...

Jake used to call them flying rats too, that is hilarious! Can't say that I miss them, he kept telling me he was going to get a beebee gun and start taking them out! LOL! Miss ya!