Thursday, November 5, 2009

You are my Son Shine

This little man is so hilarious and sweet! He is getting so big and it makes me so sad sometimes because he tells me, "Okay, stop it now, Mommy!" when I try to hug him too much or something. Ahhh...he can't be too old for that mushy stuff yet!

He loves showing off his "moves" and jumping off and/or climbing on EVERYTHING he possibly can! He now likes to pick out his own clothes and after I got him a plain blue striped shirt from the closet the other day, he said, "No, I wanna wear a COOL one!"

He loves playing outside, and especially loves the swings and playing with the hose whenever possible! A true boy thinking any and all bodily functions are hilarious and saying gross body parts. Recently, he thinks it is SOOOO funny to say the word, "Butt" so I have to remind him it's rude to say it over and over. He likes to make jokes, like, "Mommy, I need some peanut-Butt." And then he'll start laughing and say, "I crack myself up!"

He also thinks it's hilarious to be naked and especially to climb his naked self on someone or sit his butt on pillows. (Thanks a lot, Danielle for encouraging this behavior! Ha ha). Oh the other day in our bathroom I walk in and I hear giggling. It took me a minute to find out where it was coming from, but alas, when I opened the cupboard, I find a naked child hiding!

He is a sweet boy and I am thankful he is part of our family. He just loves night time for stories and singing songs and asked Justin to sing, "Put your elbow on the whale." the other night. I love talking with a's the funniest, sweetest parts of my day!


Jason and Danielle said...

For the record it was Jason who started it. Remember Jason would tell him to get his butt off of his pillow and then carter would go on it cause he thought it was funny :> we will blame Jason :> I think ti all happened as a once thing where Carter happened to sit his naked butt on the pillow but once he saw how everyone laughed he has kept rolling with it.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Why are boys like this? I have a hilarous picture of Aaron naked when he was about 3. I think Amber could agree on the showing the butt problem. It's a good thing mothers teach them proper manners or they would be like cave men.