Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Start your Engines!

Yesterday Kelsie hit another little milestone! She figured how to get on her hands and knees. I tried to capture it on camera, but the top right is the closest I got. She's been doing it all day today, though, so I'll have to try and catch a better picture tomorrow. She hasn't quite figured out how it will help her mobilize more, but she uses it to inch forward a tiny bit. The bottom right picture is something she loves to do, purse her lips and make a spitting noise. This girl just brightens our day! I can't remember if I said this in the last post or not, but her first tooth broke through Halloween weekend too and another one is about to come in right next to it on the bottom!

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

She looks alike like you when you were a baby. She is so cute. Looks like your life is very happy. Say hi to everyone and give my sister a hug from me. Miss you all!!