Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Also this last week, my best friend from high school, Whitney was in town for her baby shower! I was so happy to see her a few times while she was here and go to the shower to celebrate her having a sweet baby girl! They are going to name her IndieAnna (did I do that right, Whit?) and call her Indie. We can't wait to see her (even though we won't get to see her right away with them living in Utah).

My mom and Kelsie at the shower.

Me and Crew, Whit's little stud muffin!

Whitney and Crew

Love you Whit! Looking forward to seeing you guys next week too!

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Dash Of Sass said...

love you too!!! thanks again for everything!!! also why dont we take the second to last pict off!!! why does my fat look soooooo fat there!?!?! I want to puke!!! TAKE IT OFF!!!! :) love you!