Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We spent Easter weekend at my grandmother's house in California and had a great time! Carter was so enthusiastic about the eggs this year, it was awesome. We all had brought so many eggs, we had to hunt down 52 colored eggs and 16 white eggs!!! Good thing Carter was a trooper. My mom hid all the eggs and I'm pretty sure she thoroughly enjoys seeing us all NOT able to find them. She would go look and tell us something like, "There's two colored eggs in these bushes." Oh yes, even when my largely pregnant self was on my hands and knees looking through my grandma's bushes, she didn't tell me I was in the wrong bushes. Gotta love my mom's enthusiasm for holidays!

Carter was hilarious...slashing through bushes to find the eggs...he was a good little finder!

Isn't my husband hot? I think so...

Robert dying eggs

Carter very excited about his Wolverine in his easter basket

Justin and I finding our Easter basket

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Jason and Danielle said...

so I didn't realized I had missed out on all these pics I guess I didn't scroll all the way down last time. Man in that last picture you can't even tell you are prego.