Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our funny little man

Helping make brownies...his favorite part is licking the spatula of course!
Fell asleep on the couch after church

Doing his hair all by himself

I've been meaning to do this post forever and I'm finally going to do it. Carter is just hilarious lately and makes me laugh with his sweet logic and funny little quips every day. Here are a few I've written down recently:

CARTER: Mommy, will you sing the peacock song?
ME: I don't know that song...
CARTER: Me know that song. It's about peacocks, sheep and cookies.
ME: Hmmm... (I start making up a song about those things)
CARTER: (interrupting) No, no, it goes, "Peacock, peacock, baker's man." Like that!
ME: Oh, it goes "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man."
CARTER: No, mom, peacock, peacock
Well, he got the sheep from "Mark it with a C" (Mark it with a sheep) And the cookies from the cake, and he wouldn't let me say it the right way.

During a commercial on the radio, Carter was dancing/marching. Here's our dialog:
ME: Carter, do you need to go potty?
ME: Why are you dancing around like that then?
CARTER: Because me miss the music!

When Dora the Explorer came on one morning, Carter yelled, "Me love Dora! She's the best!"

CARTER: Are you cold, mommy?
ME: A little bit.
CARTER: Me cold big!

ME: Carter, you need to hold my hand in the street.
CARTER: No, big boys can walk ALL by mySELF!

At my grandma's house, she has more oval shaped toilets, which are more challenging for Carter to climb on and off by himself since they are long. I heard him yelling from the other room and came in to hear him saying, "Ayudame! Ayudeme!" (This is what the animals say in Diego when yelling for help in Spanish). He uses this phrase all the time when he needs help. He also uses "Abre" for when he needs me to open the front door.

Lastly, for now, on Sunday, we informed Carter that we would be some of the teachers in his nursery class (we got called as the nursery leaders). So, all morning he was calling me "Teacher" instead of mommy. This was our conversation walking into church:
CARTER: Mommy, you're one of my teachers now?
ME: Yes
ME: Because they asked us to be teachers for your class
CARTER: Well, where's my mommy?!
ME: I'm still your mommy, I'm just your teacher now too!
CARTER: Oh. (very calmly)


Jason and Danielle said...

what a silly goofball my nephew is

Sarah and Colin said...

curse you Diego!!!!
just kidden...
the baby will be here soon.. cant wait to see pictures!

Brian Jambor said...

I remember "Elder Wagasky" singing "The peacock song" when he was on his mission serving in Lander, Wyoming. Justin... Don't deny it.

Cami said...

That is soooo funny! Congrats on the baby girl! How are you feeling? I noticed that you have my blog on your page, but the link is wrong for some reason. It is Take a look, there is some new stuff!